Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Favorite Books of 2015

My reading this year was a bit light (on the paper book side, not the audio book side) due to an ongoing project involving two big books. Volume notwithstanding, and keeping in mind that these are just books that I read this year, not necessarily books published this year, here are my favorite books of 2015.

David Brin's Existence revealed to me that I really should read more science fiction. Probably the last sci-fi I read was Orson Scott Card's excellent Ender's Game. Brin, like Card, creates a fantastic future populated with real characters. I had the pleasure of meeting Brin and hearing him speak and he has more thoughts in an hour than I can muster in a week. Brin's website is

Any fan of Monty Python will enjoy John Cleese's So Anyway, with the caveat that the biography ends with the formation of the genius comedy troupe. it certainly provided wonderful insight into Cleese the person as opposed to Cleese the persona. I dare readers not to hear Cleese's voice in their head as they read. Cleese's website is

Honorable Mentions: I read several non-fiction business books that made me think "Hey, those are pretty good ideas." Among them are Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell, Yes! by Robert B. Cialdini, and Be Our Guest by the Disney Institute. Unfortunately, my problem is turning these ideas into action. 

For 2016: The City of Mirrors, the third in Justin Cronin's outstanding The Passage trilogy is said to be scheduled for a May 2016 release. I can't wait. But I also can't remember exactly how the 2nd installment ended. 

For the record, here's all my 2015 reading.

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