Saturday, January 9, 2016

Never ruin a good painting...

Today's streaming soundtrack is:
Texas Wine Lover profiled friend and wine maven Tom Reed of Hawk's Shadow Winery in Austin.

Git yer interior design on with WSJ's lists of what's in for 2016 (e.g. black metals) and what's out (e.g. facets).

Karl Benjamin, Small Planes: White, Blue, and Pink, 1957. source
You have only two days left to bid on eBay for a 6-foot tall banner from The Elements of King Crimson Tour that's been signed by all the band members. Current bid is £1,200.

My favorite Aviation Week issue of the year is their annual photo contest, chock full o' aviation pr0n.

Sorry friends, but this list of the 10 dumbest cities in Texas includes Grand Prairie and Watauga. Is yours one of the other 8?

So America. B-2 flyover of this year's Rose Bowl. source
If you're old enough to remember the website "Hot or Not," this may appeal to you: HowHot will guess your age and rate your hotness based on an uploaded photo. The good news is it thinks I'm 40 years old.

Are you an extroverted introvert? Myers-Briggs says I'm a 60-40 extrovert but I don't know how that relates to this.

This is a pretty good list of internet hacks.

Leave it to our friends in Japan to turn a lazy egg into an animated character. From the same people who brought you Hello Kitty comes Gudetama.
Have you seen the fog cannon? It's part of your home security system and when triggered it fills your home or office with a dense fog making it impossible for intruders to see or do anything inside.

In the 41st annual list of banished words you'll find "stakeholder," "vape," and "physicality" among others. The latter has always bothered me during football broadcasts.

Get to the theater during 2016 for these animated films. Except for the Angry Birds movie.

...with the truth. ~Henri Matisse


Joel Mayer said...

The streaming music lineup is a nice addition. Where's The Seduction of Claude Debussy?

John said...

This is new (or new to me) music.

Francis Shivone said...

Love to hate the banished words. I've been guilty of "conversation" and "problematic" but not recently. Never said "price point" because it sounded so MBA.