Saturday, March 5, 2016

The greater the scientific advance...

An R-rated animated film called Sausage Party. What could possibly go wrong?

While we're on films, you Star Wars geeks will probably like this complete history of the Millennium Falcon. (And who pronounces "falcon" like FALL-cahn. No one.)

Apollo 10 astronauts heard spooky space music on the dark side of the moon. Or not. (And it's not pronounced "nassau.") 

New Predator movie coming on 02 March 2018.

GN-z11 is the oldest galaxy imaged so far, from way back when the universe was only 400 million years old. 
More astronomy geekery you say? How about the "blue bubble" around star WR-31a?

If I had a spare $9,500 (c'mon lottery) I'd buy this genuine B-17 propeller blade.

Because I don't have $9,500 just lying around, you can bet I'm not in the "1%." But did you ever wonder what your percent is? Use this calculator from the WSJ to find out what percent you are.

eero is called the world's first home wifi system. Anyone try it yet?

A not-so-hidden Mickey, depending on your viewpoint, has appeared near Epcot. This is a solar power farm.
Next time you're in Cincinnati, check out one of these signature places to eat. I've been to Skyline Chili of course, but the one on Clifton near the university.

This interview with Michael Hayden, former director of both the NSA and CIA, is worth watching and/or reading, especially where he talks about Apple and encryption. I've seen him speak in person and he seems like a smart, decent person.

If history seems to you like an uncontextualized list of people, check out the timeline of contemporaries and see which historical figures were alive at the same time.

Don DeLillo's fiction has puzzled me for years. His short story in the New Yorker, Sine Cosine Tangent, is no different. Starkly genuine. 

...the more primitive the fear. ~Don DeLillo

P.S. I have no idea where the extra space between paragraphs came from and didn't feel like battling with blogger to find out.

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