Saturday, March 26, 2016

The love of complexity without reductionism makes art...

Trey Gunn announced the pre-sale availability of a CD (looks like the first of two) from The Security Project, "the timeless music of Peter Gabriel re-envisioned." Go to the link to stream and example and place your order.

Adam Holzman talks about his "optimistic evocations" with Anil Prasad on Innerviews. Adam is currently keyboardist for Steven Wilson and prior to that, among other things, he was Miles Davis' music director. If you're interested, you can also get Adam's CD Deform Variations.

EDM is dead?

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. Tired of the same old Peeps for Easter? Make yourself a Poop Peep.
You may now be scoffing at Poop Peeps, but they aren't nearly as stupid as a Glitter Beard.

Read how this guy "open sourced his face," aka 3D printed his own orthodontics.

Winners of the Smithsonian's 2015 photo contest are online and I can't argue with their grand prize winner. And 2016's contest is now open for entries.

Screen grab from a cool 1970 video of aircraft, including my fave the XB-70, being moved down Dayton's Route 444 to their new home at the U.S. Air Force Museum.
Here's a nice bracketing of current politics and society. Donald Trump is a repugnant douche yet is the leading Republican candidate for president. At the same time, someone wrote Trump slogans on the sidewalk in chalk at Emory University and some of the hyper-sensitized students there felt threatened.

Take an interactive, panoramic, high-def photo tour of the USS Iowa.

I am much less interested in the NYC part of this series of photos of New York City: Then and Now than I am with the effect of moving the horizontal slider back and forth.
Art or Junk is less a game about what is art and more a game about what is expensive and what is cheap.

NASA's Kepler spacecraft captured a supernova in action.
Let science speak for itself: "the butthole is one of the finest innovations in the past 
540 million years of animal evolution." It seems that a theory of evolutionary biologists is that when living creatures developed an anus (in other words, stopped pooping through their pie hole) it spawned a great diversification (and lengthening) of life forms. But hold on to your doody. New science has shown that comb jellies, long thought to be one of those primitive life forms with a combo mouth/butt actually has dedicated exit holes. Whoa, is the sphincter now less or more important from an evolutionary standpoint?

...the love of complexity with reductionism makes science. ~E.O. Wilson

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