Saturday, March 7, 2009

The ability to do only a little...

If you're looking for a CSS framework for your next project, try Blueprint. I think they're related to Google somehow. Got an hour and a half to spare? Try watching this video from ANSYS about boundary layer generation. Pictures only an engineer would love: winners of CEI's calendar contest. Do not be fooled by counterfeits; get your pen refills at the official Montblanc shop. You can make your own avatar, but why? Or should I ask whii? The Denge sound mirrors are strangely fascinating. Hold on to your pants for this blast of on-line charting tools: LovelyCharts,, aMap, life->flow->charts, gliffy, iPlotz, and

Creating balloon animals is a lost art. More impressive than 4D rotations is the video about Moebius transformations. Even without reading Russian, this page of test screens is cool. What do you get when two guys from a swanky French restaurant start a Mexican place called Paco & John? Got software to protect? Take a look at Reprise, V.i. Labs, and WIBU. Hungry? Try a McGangBang. And wash it down with the latest from Zio Carlo, a new "Italian brewpub". Free CFD for the unemployed. The 17th annual conference of the CFD Society of Canada will be held on 03-05 May in Ottawa. The official web site of author John le Carre. You can watch the cinematic classic Kung Pow on hulu. Get free icons from iconPot. Not just anti-spyware, it's SUPERAntiSpyware. not an excuse to do nothing.
--John le Carre from A Most Wanted Man

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