Saturday, March 28, 2009

How can anyone imagine unquiet slumbers...

The A2 desktop speakers from Audioengine might be just what I'm looking for. You knew I'd mention him here sooner or later: B. Kliban, cartoon genius (gallery 1, gallery 2). Need a marketing expert in the UK? Try Steve Barton. Or for business consulting, try Jim Collins. For those of you with a sweet tooth, try the fruit slice candies from Sanborn's in New Hampshire. Here's the official web site of the SIAM geometric design group. A detailed photo record of the iceman mummy is now available online. If you like huge helicopters, this photoset's for you. I would eat sausage all day and all night, all 6,643 feet of it. These Super Mario sound effects could come in handy. Man pickup (not what you think). Here's a step by step guide to developing CAD software: OpenCAD by Deelip Menezes.

Improve the link targets on your web site through padding and iconography. Smashing Magazine lists 9 common usability mistakes in web design. And jump to the head of the class on Web 2.0 style with Scratch Media's how-to guide. 16 CSS techniques to simplify your life. 100 cheat sheets to help with web design.

March 25th was National Medal of Honor day - don't forget it. Academic Earth is like YouTube for learning. Now that I've got the Ergopod, I'm working from home. Wang grew by 2,225 percent (not what you think). Translate English to Japanese and v.v. using Nihongodict. What are the 4 stages of programming competence? Four ways that companies use Twitter (not at all, poorly, inappropriately, and over the top). Vintage household ads (I want my video phone). The 1936 H.G. Wells film Things to Come forecasts a decades long WWII and the breakdown of modern society. Store your Legos in Box4Blox. Where will you be when the lights go out? Star Wars papercraft models.

And now, drumroll please... A dog milking a goat.

...for the sleepers in that quiet earth. -- Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

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