Saturday, March 21, 2009

What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?

Ever forget where and when you are? Keep track with Time Zone Check. If you're interested in draft tube flow, the Turbine-99 Workshop is for you. Don't be content with mediocrity; read all about best practices for marine CFD and single phase flows. Here's the course web site for Prof. H.C. Chen's Advanced Computation Methods at Texas A&M. You're favorite products as seen on TV, now seen on the interweb. (My favorite: potato peeling gloves.) GraphJam should be funnier. Folks who use the OpenFOAM CFD solver commonly use a suite of tools for meshing: ENGRID, Netgen, and Gmsh. If a volcano erupts underwater near Tonga, does anyone see it? (Answer: Hell yes!) The Show was a 1-year experiment in video blogging by internet personality zefrank. Watch it and laugh.

A shotgun blast of time recording software: TimeWatch, Analyzer Plus, PA Timesheet, Timesheets MTS. TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter. Here's someone's list of the best browser-based financial tools. A/V Geeks hosts all those vintage films you watched back in your school days. (Gotta love You Can Beat the A-Bomb.) Official web site of guitarist Allan Holdsworth. Read all about meshing guidelines for thermal analysis. Don't you hate it when stuff gets in the way when you're trying to take a picture? These 4 moons flew right in front of Saturn. Need to find out about someone? Use WhoIsHim. (Note to ladies: I didn't name that site so don't complain to me about it not being WhoIsHer.) Share 3D models using 3DVIA. dezineforce offers subscription based on-demand design optimization. Another fantasy computer chair, this time the Vision One. Guano in space. (At least I assume the thing was crapping its pants.) A recycled article from CIO magazine about how to tweet.

That's all for this week. Time to get back to work - the interweb doesn't surf itself.

Someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog.

-- Groucho Marx

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