Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our whole life is...

Know your Crayola colors. Does the world really need another panel method? Apparently, the authors of APAME for Matlab think so. Another customer tried to walk out with my sub the last time we ate at Jersey Mike's. Applying for a software job? See this cartoon about how a programmer reads a resume. And make sure you know how to program. If you have 346 seconds to spare, watch this video of an Airbus A340-600 being built. No matter where you are, know if you can drink. No officer, I haven't been drinking but I did just take a shower. The 2009 FLOW-3D World Users Conference will be held 17-18 September in Seattle. Learn to read Cyrillic in 5 minutes. FDS is a CFD code for fire-driven flows from the fine folks at NIST. SLFCFD is a free CFD code. If you're a chemical engineer at Ohio State, you'll have apply CFD to one of the flows from Van Dyke's Album of Fluid Motion. Politecnico di Milano offers a suite of free software for computational aeroelasticity at FreeCASE.

Big business news: IBM to buy Sun, Google to buy Twitter, and SGI goes bye-bye. Squeeze your bacon (not what you think). Gartner weighs in on tweeting enterprises. Twhirl is a desktop client for managing your Twitter and other social media. WeFollow is a Twitter directory? Do not question why I'm reading Women's Day, just read these articles about regional foods and crazy hamburgers. EADS prefers HyperWorks. Buy your t-shirts from Kosher Ham. The AIAA is sponsorsing the Supersonic Shock Boundary Layer Interaction (SBLI) Workshop in January 2010. A video compilation of all NASA's UFOs. Remember vinyl? My brother had a Micro Seiki turntable. LGS is software for managing 2D parametric geometry constraints. More IGES files than you'll ever want to test. I don't get My Brute (not the aftershave). The 2009 SIAM/ACM Joint Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling will be held 05-08 October in San Francisco. Pilot the Concorde (on video). If that's too much for you, here's flow over an airfoil.

...a greater and longer childhood. -- Ben Franklin

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