Saturday, April 25, 2009

A man's character...

Take the Myers-Briggs test and find out which of 16 personality types you are based on how you use your perception and judgement (according to Jung, at least). I'm ESTJ, "The Guardian". What are you? When in Syracuse, dine at BC Restaurant in Armory Square. Jim Carson has a blog. Not only is the Space Pilot Pro a 3D mouse, but it's got more buttons and a bigger screen than my laptop. Hatrack River is the official web site of author Orson Scott Card, of Ender's Game fame. Git yer flight on with aviation videos from FactualTV.

The latest in my collection of cool clocks is timebeat. The others are dots, industorious, timeline, bodytag, clockr, watch gallery, bar code, polar, worldclock, uniqlock, angeling, flickr time, summermeter, coolclock, and time zone check. Know any other cool clocks? (A man with two clocks never know what time it really is. --Confucius)

Bob Cramblitt is a technical writer. Phrasr might be neat if it worked well. Top 10 rules for photographic composition (because I need all the help I can get). Will Ackerman is the founder of Windham Hill Records. Vertiflite is the official publication of the American Helicopter Society. Applied CFD provides RSS feeds of CFD news. Orcale bought Sun. Gather in Montreal this June to talk about grid generation at the 11th ISGG Conference. MeshTrends 7 will be held in Columbus in July. Or go to Orlando to talk about PTC's CAD software. Need connectors? Call PPC.

DJs Loo & Placido got all the mashups you'll ever need (and they have a blog). Watch Intelligent Light talk about CFD and HPC on MSDN Channel 9. I hope you didn't forget that this past week was Administrative Professionals Week. Recolor your graphics using a picture using pic2graph. Talk Like Shakespeare Day was 23 April. The Avenue of Light goes live on 02 May. When you see it, it makes perfect sense: controlling your BBQ from your computer. More proof that bacon is a wonderfood.

With a name like SnappyHexMesh, it's got to be good. A STAR-CCM+ tutorial for supersonic nozzle flow. Random grid picture. Plus, there was one web site that I couldn't bring myself to post, it was that weird. his guardian divinity. -- Heraclitus

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