Saturday, May 2, 2009

When she's dancing next to me...

I think they are taking hand soap a bit too literally. Start using your PC in seconds using Presto. Or simply reduce the time it takes to start using StartUpLite. Edit images in your web browser using Aviary. Take online micro expression training and you might be able to figure out what I'm thinking (if you could see me). Social media is getting so out of hand that you need a tool like Digsby to manage it all. Here's another example: updates all your social media at once. And then there's TweetDeck. Or if you're tired of Facebook and LinkedIn, make your own social network using Ning. Add ftp to Firefox using FireFTP. Topgrading helps you find the best people. You too can own a word at the Big Word Project. Let's all tip our glasses to Bacon Vodka. Or if you don't like meat in your booze, make a business card out of it. On the opposite end of the spectrum are these food flops. (I've actually tried Orbitz before and those little gelatin balls were freaky.)

Hang on to yer gray matter cuz here comes the science. Here's a brief tutorial for using snappyHexMesh. Get your CFD info at All about Code_Saturne, EDF's open source CFD software: main page, a general overview, and their QA benchmarks. ANSYS 12 gots some new features. Discretizer is a free meshing program for CFD. CEI released EnSight CFD, specifically designed for the CFD user. The nice people at CAD Schroer are giving away their design software, MEDUSA4 Personal, for free.

Some of you are going to have to get off the interwebs so I can continue my most important work. Here's some of the world's smallest stuff. Dickens suggests that I change this blog's URL to Birds plus signs equals Type Nesting. If you think this blog is a waste of time, check out Sporcle. Two places to eat, one with beer one with Deano: The Covey and Saucy Bistro. As far as I can tell, Breathing Earth says the world has bad breath. Dang! We missed National Grilled Cheese Month. newsmap is back. Sprites aren't just a character in WoW anymore., besides being yet another internet time sink, demonstrates that I only know the names of albums, not the individual songs. If you didn't get enough clocks last week, here are some more (these with alarms): Kuku Klok, Anvoy, and onlineclock. If you prefer clocks you can take with you in meat-space, here are some extraordinary watches.

...I can hear machinery. --???


Jim said...

Speaking of micro-expressions, have you been watching Lie to Me? Before the commercial segue, they show similar expressions from public figures (many often current). Also, Paul Ekman (whose research the show is based upon) blogs commentary with video snippets.

Social media: it's a bit overwhelming. I have a strange fascination with twitter, but the volume at which some of my friends tweet is too much... I just need an executive summary. Facebook suffers from quiz spam. However, it's much more usable now that I know how to use contact lists.

Food flops: I remember the ketchup (catsup?) and thinking about how frankenfood it seemed.

I will try; in return, I'd recommend It's not a time waster as much as it's awesome.

[why, oh why must blogger's captcha misbehave?]

John said...

Haven't watched Lie to Me although I've seen the commercials. Interestingly, I recently told my wife in response to a question that I rarely watch channel numbers below 13 (except for sports and local news). Imagine the spousal hilarity that ensued.

Micro expressions were mentioned in Gladwell's Blink and that's probably why I was tuned to them when they appeared on my interweb radar. (Blink was crap, BTW.)

Social media is a huge learning experience for me personally right now which is why I'll try anything: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Blip, etc. If LinkedIn's interface didn't look like crap I might login more often. Facebook works well for interacting with friends. My tweeting is purely experimental.

Pandora running right now.

If you want to be bombarded by more crap, find me on Facebook and send me a friend request. Or Twitter for that matter.

Jim said...

I'm very glad to hear I'm not the only one who thought _Blink_ was crap.

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