Saturday, May 30, 2009

The aim of every artist is to arrest motion...

One of the finest fast-food sandwiches in the history of the world is the "gourmet" Romanburger from Mr. Hero. Do yourself a favor. Next time you're in Ohio, get yourself one. I know I will. In praise of dullness. Mind boggling brews from around the world are documented in cheers for beers. Might these 11 useful Twitter tools be called twools? The most succinct guide for marketing with Twitter. Forty ways to download music legally. Find art on the internet using Artcyclopedia (try searching for Callum Innes).

NASA provides an online grid spacing calculator, otherwise how would you know what clustering to use? Things you should know about CSS float theory. Aero engineering consultants, DARcorp. I have absolutely no idea what Widgetbox is good for. Apparently ANSYS supports Tcl/Tk (they steal all our good ideas). DTIC is the largest central resource for government-funded technical information. NKK Switches now has their CAD library online. Metacomp Technologies' User Group Meeting will be held 15-17 September in Ventura, CA. Wildcat is open-source CAD, but there doesn't seem to have been any activity since the end of 2008. Concepts NREC is holding their UGM on 07 June in Orlando.

DAMN RIGHT! Read this if you're over 25 (and even if you're not). Inside each of us is a crabby old fart. As though we needed a pea-sized seahorse. Free, online college courses and lectures are available from Open Culture. Get your Trek on with this 360 deg. panoramic photo of the new Enterprise's bridge. Why does my body do that? Every possible joke has probably already been made, so I'll just link to the demise of Butt Hole Road. Web font imbedding is coming. Sleeves tells you everything you need to know about the weather. What to do with all your old SGI boxes. (For the record I have these SGI boxes yearning to be repurposed: a PI, two Indigos, an Indy, an Origin 200, and a Fuel. Soon I'll have an O2.) Tonight we try Rita's ice custard at their first Texas location. that later when a stranger looks it moves again. -- William Faulkner


Jim said...

MIT's Open CourseWare is another nifty autodidact resource.

Another Ohio "try at least once" is Skyline Chili.

Sleeves is slightly more useful than the "weather brick" I used to use in scouting. ("If the brick is wet, it is raining." "If the brick is white, it is snowing." Etc.)

Jim said...

Just read through the Twitter marketing guide link in its entirety. It kind of goes with my initial impression. Thanks for confirming it.

Chris said...

I generally agree with the tomatonation blog post on "our lack of etiquette". However, tipping should not be mandatory but on a case by case basis - you tip based on a job well done, period.

With this regard, some of these etiquettes are American culturisms and should be taken as such ... eh? ;-)

John said...

Skyline Chili? Absolutely! A three-way with a cheese coney on the side.