Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who kept the faith and fought the fight;

Are there more reports of earthquakes in the news these days or am I just more sensitive now that I survived one? Yes, there was a magnitude 3.3 earthquake here in North Texas last Saturday. Here's coverage from the local ABC station WFAA and the details from the USGS. After hours of detailed study (not really), we got a 26 inch Vizio HD LCD 720P TV. COPS has never looked better. BTW, the sound is terrible which is the one thing I didn't pay too much attention to in the store. I don't recall why I bookmarked the official web site of French progressive rockers Iris.

Texas A&M's TurboLab is holding the 38th Turbomachinery Symposium on 14-17 September 2009 in Houston and the 26th Pump Users Symposium on 15-18 March 2010. While we're traveling, how about a trip to Budapest for the Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow on 09-12 September 2009. Crikey! Let's go to Melbourne for CSIRO's 7th International CFD Conference on 09-11 December 2009.

The Southwest Classic between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Texas A&M Aggies (aka Bacon and Ags) will be played 03 October 2009 at Jerry World in Arlington. Get your specialty advertising and promo items from Trophy Arts. Here's an interseting blog post from an AutoCAD 3D Modeling blog about creasing a mesh. I'd love to get this t-shirt, but I never get any bacon when I push the button. Here's a video introduction to EnSight CFD. Terminate yourself. Create your own patterns with Repper. If I write "Backstreet Boys" I can imagine the collective "ugh", but try the BB-Snow Patrol mashup from DMF - it's simply and nicely done. The BeltzBib is proof that eating in the the car is just plain wrong. Breakthrough or hype? Ida, the missing link. If you gotta have dental work, Paul Davis is your man. I think this eye tracking study for web sites is bogus; I only look at the pictures. Speaking of pictures, Photos that Changed the World is interesting but so NSFW that I'm going to make you find the URL yourself.

This Canadian gentleman wants to be your Style Advisor. Our friends at Digitalsoaps now offer Space Invaders soap. More for you gamers; make yourself a Super Mario Desktop. I'll admit that I'm linking to the official web site of guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen both because of his virtuosity and because of his unique name.

...The glory theirs, the duty ours. -- Wallace Bruce

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Jim said...

The Texas Bureau of Economic Geology publishes neat maps. (I found it useful when looking for a home in Austin many years ago. We opted for property on limestone instead of the soft shoal creek clay.) I was aware of Balcones fault running through Austin - does the DFW area have an equivalent?

Frankly, I would be a little more worried about zombie fire ants. I've seen Emerald Jewel Wasps turn cockroaches into zombies and... I think it's the only time I've remotely come close to feeling sorry for a roach.