Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good is...

Is Twitter-related stuff getting out of hand, or do Twibes make sense? Verne Harnish, the business growth guy, recommends Topgrading's approach to hiring. VCollab provides visualization solutions for CAD and CAE. An aerodynamicist's dream - you don't need an engine, just the wing albeit a Propulsive Wing. If you're like me and couldn't figure out where they moved the design template stuff to in PowerPoint 2007, this article about slide masters will help. Know your humans. The SGI name will live on. That's good, right? I just bought The Song Remains the Same so of course I have to link to the official site of Led Zeppelin. Delve into the Art & Science of Barbecue. (Now if I only owned a grill.) If you like the band Genesis, their web site is having a clearance sale on many $5 items. Get your CAD shareware from CADdepot. The official web site of the band Liquid Tension Experiment. Fort Worth's Cousin's BBQ was named a finalist in a Good Morning America contest. I wish I had learned how to take care of a baby about 19 years ago. R.Tech is a French engineering consultancy specializing in CFD. Official web site of the Meshing technical committee of the AIAA.

...the enemy of great.

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