Saturday, April 11, 2009

Though I am not naturally honest...

I must have one: meet Rovio. ToneMatrix is awesome. Dr. Mike Marshall, record holding MLB pitcher, applies his PhD in exercise physiology to help players avoid injuries caused by "traditional" pitching motion. The folks at Kitware make a lot of their software available for free, including the visualization toolkit VTK. I've had a pair of Celestion SL6S speakers on my home stereo for about 20 years. If you're searching for images you can freely use, Webupon has already found them. The folks at GOOD Magazine want you to know how much water you're using. Construx and Fog Creek both publish their professional development ladder online. Want to find out what it's like to work somewhere? Use Glassdoor. Intuit blogs about payroll.

Funny engineer videos? 3 Dudes Gone 3D. CAEbridge offers CFD consulting. Pulizter prize wining author, Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel), speaks on the evolution of religion. Make a word mosaic. Use twtpoll to take a poll on Twitter. Pro Blog Design presents this list of user interface design tutorials. Mr. Taylor thinks this is the perfect 3 column liquid layout. mite is an on-line time tracking tool. The fine folks at Hifar in China do CFD consulting. They may be extinct, but at least we have photos. Use MayaVi to visualize your data. Constant Contact offers email marketing solutions. Cuts like a knife. I guess dogs got tired of monkeys getting all the good roles.

...I am so sometimes by chance. -- William Shakespeare

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