Saturday, April 18, 2009

Il pleure dans mon coeur...

Would you be more likely to read this blog if its URL was If so, make your own cute URL. Fluent tutorials and other stuff. Have fun with your CFD by using FUN3D. Tune your radio to the Metropolitan Opera's Saturday matinee. Walter Lantz's animated short Bear and the Bees was produced in 1961. Here's an archive of Lantz's work and a collection of titles from his films.

Get this free report on email marketing metrics. David Meerman Scott has a blog, Web Ink Now, about marketing strategy. Another blog for sales engineers aptly named The Sales Engineer. If you're launching a new product, don't forget to consult the Launch Clinic blog. Use the We We calculator to test the customer focus on your web page. The unlikely named GrokDotCom is a marketing optimization blog. Page Zero Media claims to know all about paid search marketing. Sonora DesignWorks will help with your web site's design. Need a Marketing Sherpa? DH Communications is a marcom consultant.

The Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club is just about a month away. M-Audio's AV 40 speakers turned out to be more to my liking. Perhaps your lost luggage is here. Would a color by any other name appear as sweet? The saga of SGI is apparently so sad, it needed to be written about twice: 2009 and 1997. The T&P Tavern and Grill is open for business. The Animation Treasures blog. Celebrate Armed Forces Day at NAS JRB Fort Worth. Bacon cuts steel; film at 11. Ace your next eye exam by making your own eye chart ahead of time. This brings new meaning to the phase Twitter plug-in.

...Comme il pleut sur la ville. / Quelle est cette langueur / Qui pénètre mon coeur? -- Claude Debussy


Jim said...

I've always been impressed by the power of bacon; however, could bacon have saved SGI?

John said...

Perhaps if SGI had released a machine named Bacon, that would've sparked their sales. Or maybe eating bacon every day would have strengthened them.

More importantly, by what twisty interweb path did you find this?

Jim said...

I followed the Twittery interweb here. Bacon, second exit.