Saturday, September 19, 2009

He is the happiest...

Do you know how many people are in space right now? Closer to home, do you know the world's 50 best foods and the best place to eat them? Google's Fast Flip is going to cause some news junkies to o.d. DARPA has funded development of a robot that can jump over walls, but Speed Racer's Mach 5 had that capability40 years ago (button A, auto jack).

With our weather the way it's been for the past couple of weeks, it seems only natural to make music using raindrops. Need a patent? Maybe this guy can help. Kitware maintains a wiki for all their software products. ISAAC is another open source CFD code. ParaView is open source scientific visualization software. Read about Adobe's 3D OEM platform. NPOWER Software provides 3D NURBS modeling software.

Kliban said to never give a gun to ducks, but apparently it's OK to give lightsabers to animals.

...who finds peace in his home. -- J.W. Goethe

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