Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nature abhors a vacuum...

The dullest blog in the world. (No comparisons, please.) Daat Research released Coolit v.9. In Mexico? Try Cavendish CFD. In Russia? Try Grid CFD. Learn more about ANSYS Workbench or read ANSYS Advantage magazine. ANSYS announced a new immersed boundary capability. The folks at Moceon claim to have made the first all-hex mesh with 52 million cells for a Formula-1 car using their cheetahSTC technology.

Odes to cured pork: Bacon Haikus. Taitech is developing the Dragon Grid software. Donald Hawken has some grid pictures on his site. The Ocean Modeling Group at Rutgers develops a lot of software including gridpak for orthogonal structured grids. Why shouldn't engineers learn to program in C? Five places to see things blown up real good.

The bacon explosion just sounds delicious. (I mean it sounds like it would taste delicious. I'm sure it just sounds like sizzling meat.) The official web site of marketing guru David Meerman Scott. Cartoon Modern is Amid Amidi's blog about animation in the 50s. Find out what your friends (and enemies) are up to on the interwebs using Spokeo. The official blog of Duarte Design. Interesting speakers often visit Google, now they can visit you too on YouTube's Talks@Google channel.

Will there be bacon in the future? Yes! Panda's Cloud Antivirus is free and uses the cloud for its work so your computer hardly knows it's running. Protovis is a visualization toolkit for JavaScript using SVG. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a really fast, building block approach to fluid dynamics called Modular Bases.

Ever wonder what a molecule looks like up close? Do not read this. CFD for aircraft. CGAL is a computational geometry algorithm library. Can't remember exactly what Followerlap does with Twitter accounts. Hopefully, none of your pictures have been posted to Awkward Family Photos.

Get your next super computer from PSSC Labs. The folks at Social Media Today claim to be the best thinkers on social media. From their Best Practices for Corporate Twittering, "Only 20% or so of your tweets should be related to your company or include a marketing or ‘advertising’ message." With a name like HootSuite, can they really still claim to be the professional Twitter client? The Antikythera mechanism and other unexplained artifacts.

The State Fair of Texas brings us fried butter. Either Stuff White People Like is totally wrong or I am not white because I do not like any of their recent topics (camping, Where The Wild Things Are, Vespa Scooters, Bob Marley, hating people who wear Ed Hardy, Mad Men, moleskin notebooks, and funny tattoos). However, I will give SWPL props for turning me on to doga.

...but we should avoid the temptation to fill the voids with crap.

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