Saturday, September 26, 2009

Better three hours too soon...

Seems everyone has a blog these days, even Death. From the one week late department, make your plans for next year's GrapeFest, the largest wine festival in the southwest. Convert a document from PDF to Word. Here's a list of infographics resources for all your data visualization needs. Adobe provides these samples of 3D PDF files: a PDF file with embedded 3D geometric data you can spin and zoom.

How to use bacon to make your life incredible. (My favorite is the Sun Tzu-like "If defeated in war, use bacon to feign death.") How to make Facebook your company newsroom (as long as your company wants everyone to know what Walton's Family character it's most like). OpenFVM is an open source, general purpose CFD solver. pdnmesh is an automatic mesh solver for finite element applications. Geompack++ is a comprehensive object-oriented C++ software package for finite element mesh generation (triangular, quadrilateral, surface, tetrahedral, hexahedral-dominant).

Intelligent Light released FieldView 12.2 for CFD postprocessing. SGI unveiled the Octane III supercomputer. See what Kanye has to say about your web site using Symscape released their Windows patch for OpenFOAM v1.6. Rhino's Paneling Tools plug-in (i.e. quad surface meshing) was updated. A bidding war for MSC.Software? ANSYS was included in the top 100 of the Software 500 list.

Shove 8 game consoles into your R2D2 (that's not a euphemism). Generate CSS grids using the aptly named grid system generator. Mint is a web site analytics program. The CFD labs at University West Virginia and UVic. 100 tools and tips for marketing on Facebook. Choose and use color palettes that account for color blindness. PPC Airfoils makes turbine blades and other stuff.

I misplaced two music CDs a couple weeks ago and searching for them is driving me nuts. At least China was able to find a missing section of the Great Wall. 10x10 presents 100 words and pictures that describe now. Google announced the release of SketchUp 7.1. A lot of Aggies are going to be using SolidWorks.

Stewart Dickinson's site, MathArt, represents his pioneering work in visualizing mathematical objects. Any word with two umlauts has to be cool (but too cool for me to figure out how to reproduce them here), and the Gomboc definitely is. If only I could find an STL or VRML file of one. Enjoy the Oops Design Award winners for 2009.

A collection of bottle caps. Carl wants your CFD solutions for research into the correlation between mesh quality and solution accuracy. The Dirt Doctor provides organic gardening tips.

...than one minute late. -- William Shakespeare

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