Saturday, August 29, 2009

Truth is like a football...

Teh interwebs was made for stuff like this: a collection of dice. Proof that it doesn't matter how you say it: the preamble to the Constitution done with license plates. Head cheese and other delicacies. Get your Orange on (no, not burnt orange). Cool pictures of airplanes in flight.

Stone Brewing: visit the site, read the blog, drink the beer.

Here's a blast of related product marketing blogs and sites:, Launch Clinic, Buyer Persona, Tuned In (retired), and Web Ink Now. Get on the squirrel bandwagon with the Squirrelizer. offers tips to make you Web Smart. Sign of the apocalypse #38: there's a Twitter conference.

This video shows how to use CFDesign for design (hence the name). SmartFish is an airplane (go figure). CADspan is software from creating 3D printable files from CAD data. You may have to read this a couple times to believe it. The folks at Winkers customize jeans so they wink while you walk. The folks at Gum Alert review Bacon Gumballs.

KFC has introduced the Double Down, a sandwich without bread. (I thought this whole sandwich thing was a solved problem.) It's very fitting that the Humanure Handbook is in the downloads folder. Volcanoes are awesome when seen from space, but be careful while you're looking so one of these lightning jets doesn't shoot up and hit you in the eye.

Usually there's nothing better than monkey actors, but the mouth animations just ain't right. Lancelot Link didn't need no CGI. Why are the number of immaculate innings (3 strike outs on 9 pitches) ballooning this decade? (Not to be confused with 3 pitch innings.) Go the state fair and try some chicken fried bacon and other fried fare.

Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. Hirsute t-shirts. Visualization Library is a C++ middleware for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics applications based on the industry standard OpenGL 2.1, designed to develop portable applications for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. They want to demolish the Langley Full Scale Wind Tunnel.

See some of the world's largest foods. (Bigger is better, right?) My favorite is the 288 meter long stuffed cabbage, although I'm certain it's not a good as my grandmother's. Ever wonder how a sewing machine works? Sorry I missed Go Topless Day on 23 August. Odd stuff abounds on the Bits & Pieces blog. The Math Book, 250 milestones in the history of mathematics. can kick it around all day, but in the end it's still round and full. -- Mark Twain

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