Saturday, August 8, 2009

Underwear is like humility...

Why bother working out when all it takes to get ripped is to Get Ript? First there were underpants for your hands (Handerpants), now there are panties for your feet (Footundeez). Where might this profusion of undergarments end? Something this blog needs: George Washington's rules of civility. ("#7. Do not off your cloths in presence of others." Is it OK to blog while wearing only Handerpants and Footundeez?)

Mentor Graphics' David Tatchell blogs about 40 years in the CFD business. Be sure to visit the Museum Place development in Fort Worth's Cultural District for dining, shopping, and entertainment. See how folks are building user interfaces on this page about Qt in Aerospace. CastNet is a is a modeling and meshing environment for OpenFOAM and other software. Discretizer is a free mesh program for CFD.

My next Linux will be Hannah Montana. Not only are there plans for a Alien prequel, Ridley Scott is set to direct. How to make your scientific poster stand out from the socializing, free food, and free drink. Mind numbing in its machine gun banality, PingWire is a live feed of every photo posted to Twitter. Dassault Systemes announced that is now going to post models in 3DXML and COLLADA formats.

For your event calendar:
Know where your ships are at all times with live ship maps from More for the map-obsessed: find all the surviving SR-71 Blackbirds. Tips on web usability. Here's a PDF cheat sheet for HTML 5. Country codes got you confused when dialing internationally? No worries, help is here. 100,000 icons all in one place for your graphics pleasure.

How well do you think a new taco joint with a logo combining elements of Texas Tech and UT is going to do in College Station (actually, Bryan)? Good luck Rockin' Taco. Touchable holography and other cool interface technologies from SIGGRAPH. The folks at Cactus Code present their CFD toolkit.

...essential, but indecent if shown.

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