Saturday, August 22, 2009

There is nothing more unequal...

This IBM article on why engineers should be worried about color reminds me of Tufte's work, and indeed he is referenced. The University of Iowa develops IA-FEMesh, a free software toolkit for generating hex meshes for anatomic models. Here are some downloads for FEAST's preprocessors, Grid3D and DiViSoR. KUBRIX, the CAE mesh generator, is available as a Rhino plug-in. The release notes for modeFrontier v4.1.2.

Avert your eyes or prepare to be offended by This is Photobomb. Mashups from Aggro1. Surchur claims to be able to show you what's popular right now. Or if you're just interested in finding out about yourself, try Personas from the MIT Media Lab. Here's me (I have no idea what it means).

Plan to be in Chicago next summer for the High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLift). Should I or shouldn't I? Beer glasses from Sam Adams. Concept Flow specialises in the simulation of fluid flow, particle dynamics, droplet dynamics and heat and mass transfer for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications. ANSYS was ranked #33 on the Fortune 100 fastest growing companies list. Senergy Thermal offers ActiveCFD, a way to keep your data center cool by continually running CFD to see how cool your data center is.

Bacon. Fried. Ramen.

...than the equal treatment of unequal people. -- Thomas Jefferson

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Jim said...

Personas was pretty weird... and completely useless if one has a common name. (Like: the trance DJ in Los Angeles whose salacious email I used to get by mistake -- clearly indicating I'd chosen the wrong profession.) Its result resembled my first credit report, a drunken mishmash of people whom I've never met. Huh, I re-ran it with the same inputs and it came up with a completely different result, but still weird.

p.s. Thank you for the bacon reference.