Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being married is not about compatibility...

First they saved the earth from Gargoyle and now Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot are on Facebook. Find experimental data for validating your CFD at the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, IIHR. (Here's a report from folks who have already used some of it.) NVIDIA released CUDA Toolkit and SDK 2.3 for those of you who like to compute using your GPU. More benchmark problems for CFD from FreeCASE. Seth Godin explains why marketing is too important to be left to the Marketing Department. 47 Hats is a blog for startups and microISVs.

One of the most complex animated GIFs I have ever seen: Evolution. Give it an image and ColorSuckr creates a color scheme. Mr. Breakfast brings you all there is to know about Lucky Charms and more at the Cereal Project. Got a cloud of points? Pointools may have the software you need. A battery to power your home? I'd just like one that will power my mouse for longer than 3 weeks. Why drop the price of your CAD software from $999 to $99? Volume! The Center for CFD at George Mason University. GMU's Rainald Lohner presents computational sciences as the third pillar of empirical sciences.

Got a design that will change the world? Enter Desktop Engineering magazine's contest. Three companies with software products for computer-aided geometry design and modeling: IntegrityWare, HarmonyWare, and Solid Modeling Solutions. TrueGrid is a mesh generator and pre-processor for CFD and FEA analysis. Integrated Engineering Software writes CAE software for electromagnetics.

A simple tutorial for Pro/E. Engineering management pearls from Mackie Assoc. The official web site of ELP founding member, one-time King Crimson lead singer, and solo artist Greg Lake.

Time to update your calendar. much as it's about dealing with incompatibility. -- Leo Tolstoy

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