Saturday, November 7, 2009

Education is what remains...

The folks at Lehman Brothers sure had collected some nice modern art before going bankrupt. Texas-based Armadillo Aerospace collected a cool $500,000 from NASA's lunar lander challenge. Do not confuse an engineering adventure with an engineering mind.

For fine Lebanese and Italian cuisine, try Chadra Mezza. This is supposed to be a photo blog about epic kludges, but it looks like my home workshop. My son thought this was cool, but I didn't get it. Maybe it doesn't work with bifocals. Animazing Gallery, featuring animation and fine art, has a blog.

From the CAE newswire...
  • ANSYS released an academic bundle for Ansoft.
  • Symscape published their November 2009 newsletter.
  • OpenFOAM and Fluent are virtually tied in Symscape's favorite RANS solver poll.
  • Exa released PowerACOUSTICS.
  • ANSYS' revenue is up about 7% YTD over last year.
City Journal asks "What Happened to the Work Ethic?" Cadalyst provides this interesting overview of history versus explicit modelers. How much does Google know about you? Try their privacy dashboard and see. The do's and don'ts of modern web page design.

...after you forget everything you've learned. -- Albert Einstein

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