Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tell me and I'll forget...

Don't you need a little Chewbacca right now? The ERCOFTAC nexus is a portal to fluid dynamics resources like experimental databases (can that sentence be any more indecipherable?). While I'm posting resources, here are a bunch for agile programming: NetObjectives, InfoQ, Mountain Goat. NASA has patented a technique for automated generation of airfoil performance tables using CFD.

The winner of the Pecha Kucha (look it up) competition at the Business of Software conference writes the Java PDF blog. Joining the Society for Technical Communication (STC) might improve this blog. All these people say Outlook is broken because it uses Word to render HTML. Use Get Satisfaction to create a web site where companies and customers can interact.

The folks at exosphere have made a highly accurate graphical reproduction of Flight 1549 from take off to unplanned air-water interface with the Hudson River. Acresso Software is now Flexera Software (would've been nice to have heard about this in advance guys). Trying hard to get my head (ears?) around the music of MMW and Grizzly Bear.

The edible bacon lamp is both illuminating and delicious. Couldn't agree more: befriend the apostrophe or risk writing stuffy, dull, awkward prose. While we're on the topic of writing, when you write product requirements thou shall not write "the product shall" but rather "the user wants to..." Turn your entire wall into a dry erase white board with IdeaPaint.

News about your favorite CAE products:
How much do you know about influence and persuasion? Take Robert Cialdini's quiz and find out. (Me? apparently not so much, only 50%.) Fortune magazine named Apple's Steve Jobs the CEO of the decade. New York's Animazing Gallery has a blog. Does your web site have Feng-Shui? Use Feng-GUI to find out.

ANSYS is number 75 on Software Top 100. I was sitting next to the guy who took this photo of Steve Hackett playing at SUNY Oswego in 1981. There's a blog for SolidWorks. What indeed is going on at Adobe for 3D CAD? Ars Technica provides this introduction to wikis in the workplace. An interesting essay on Harold Budd's Perhaps ("...his music derives its singular potency not from the new materials added to his sonic palette but from Budd's relentless process of subtraction and refinement.").

Try Google Swirl, a new way to search for related images. For example, search for Rothko. This blog is a public service announcement for the Society to Prevent Internet Posting After Two Margaritas. me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand.

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John said...

Disclaimer: My use of the phrase "trying to get my head around" certain new music was not a statement of dislike. Rather, I was stating that I need time to find, listen to, and develop an appreciation for new music.