Sunday, November 1, 2009

Art is an experience...

If you're a fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done, you'll appreciate this list of free GTD resources. Read all about domestic and commercial robots, like iRobot's Roomba, at Robot Reviews. It's a bit of a misnomer, but VizUp decreases polygon count in faceted models. The official web site of guitarist Steve Hackett.

I've finally found my calling: Baragami, the ancient Welsh art of toast arranging. Who whould've known that changing your socks would provide a burst of energy. ITI Transcendata released Proficiency Collaboration Gateway v8.1. Subscribe today to the International Journal of Fluid Dynamics and Aerospace Engineering, IJFDAE.

Just in time for Christmas: meggings. Employers should ban worker-manager online friendships, or so say lawyers. When in San Francisco, visit the Cartoon Art Museum. Here are links to visualization talks from CaT 2009. Dassault buys from IBM their entire PLM sales operation. A gallery of CFD visualizations from the Institute for CFD in Tokyo.

ANSYS was named to Forbes 200 Best Small Companies list for the seventh time in the past nine years. Hanley Innovations cut the price of their multi-element airfoil software. A day too late: War of the Worlds was rebroadcast online. What are the world's strongest natural flavors? More than 100 tricks using Google.

As I type this, Freeman's is auctioning a great collection of modern art including some from Lehman Brothers' collection.

Things for your calendar:
...not an object. --Robert Motherwell

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