Saturday, October 24, 2009

It behooves a father to be blameless...

Proof that one's perspective makes all the difference: see the Earth from Mars. Instead of looking at Earth from far away, let's see Saturn closeup. Get answers for your startup from OnStartups. The 4-Hour Workweek dude has thoughts about Google's web optimizer and vanity metrics. A truly remarkable aircraft: the XB-70A.

A guide to regional hamburger styles. (The "stacked" style reminds me vaguely of Charlies' here in Fort Worth.) Rheolef is a C++ finite element environment for solving partial differential equations. Siemens PLM Software blog. Neil Davidson has written a guide to software pricing. Here's a recap of IEEE VisWeek 2009.

Ever wonder what a nuclear detonation looks like after only 10 ms? Find out with these rapatronic photographs. Rare magnetic monopoles, particles with only one magnetic pole, might find use in computers if we can figure out how to harness magnetricity. Here's a shotgun blast of some of Seth Godin's web sites: Permission Marketing, Idea Virus, The Big Red Fez. Autodesk's Project Cooper: going after Google Sketch-Up?

From the CAE newswire...
  • FLOW-3D CFD Software Version 9.4 Released
  • CD-adapco Launches 2010 Calendar Competition (I've had one of these calendars on my desk for the past two years.)
  • NcNeel Updated RhinoScript for Rhino V4.0
  • Tecplot Updated Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Focus
Balloon artist Jason Hackenwerth goes way beyond making a puppy dog. With apologies to Frank Sinatra, "Fly me to the moon..." on the Ares I-X rocket which is set to launch on 27 Oct at 8am. I may be having a beer at the Thirsty Bear soon. Ever have text message regret? These people should. Here are some photographs of nothing more than light. European languages are mapped.

One might argue that all web pages are always under construction, but this page really is. The National Air and Space Museum has put its collection of aviation posters, called Fly Now!, online. Surgery on his neck vertebrae has left Phil Collins unable to play drums due to a loss of sensation in his fingers. Before you haters start chortling, I will remind you of Phil's drumming with jazz fusion group Brand X. (And now some haters can ask "Who's Brand X?" and "What does chortling mean?")

...if he expects his son to be. --Homer

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