Saturday, October 10, 2009

Doubt is not a pleasant condition...

How big is Graham's number? Bigger than a googol, larger than Moser's number. According to the sandwich price calculator, yesterday's lunch cost 79 cents. 6 reasons bacon is better than true love. 15 wonders of the Lego world. 15 women who look better (?) with mustaches.

The tactical triangle simplifies your marketing efforts. All information is beautiful, some more so than others. Disapproving rabbits? Since when did hares get their dander up? Doesn't anyone need gloves or a hat? Spatial added JT support to their CAD translators. One might argue that T-Pain has overused auto-tuning, but does it help or hurt Carl Sagan? While you're watching videos, get an eyeful of these crosswind landings.

I have great fondness for my HP-11C scientific calculator (and I know at least one person who lusts for it). In accordance with recently updated FTC guidelines, no material connection exists between this blogger and HP. SpaceClaim provides CAD software. The dean of the L.C. Smith College of Engineering at Syracuse University has a blog. MSC.Software agreed to be acquired by private investors, Maximus Holdings. Now what?

View the galactic center in 1 billion pixels. Other uses for books. When in San Fransisco, visit the Toronado Pub and sample their expansive stock of beers. Atlassian offers starter licenses of their software for $10. Michael Pollan chose his favorite 20 food rules from readers. Why can't the periodic table be round? Altair's Hyperworks community has grown to 200 partners in the first year.

For your event calendar:
Unroll the world of bathroom tissue with the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia. Generate a customized ransom note. ITI Transcendata's 8.0 release of CADfix has some interesting features including shrink wrapping and support for 64-bit operating systems. A U.S. court has ruled that software is owned not licensed. Take a moment amongst yourself to discuss the implications and generality of this ruling. (Hint: the ruling is relevant to the particularized details of this case.)

For those of you asking "why?", discover how nonsense sharpens the intellect.

...but certainty is absurd. -- Voltaire

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Jim said...

Wow, they've really cleaned up that Toilet Paper site. (I was first introduced to it when trying to solve the puzzle for this geocache.)