Saturday, October 17, 2009

He that can have patience...

I'm not certain that Good and Plenty belongs on this list of the worst Halloween candy. 37 Signals blogs about their products, including Basecamp. And Basecamp also appears on this list of free tools for running a small business. fusion29, visual communication studio, has updated their web site. If you have an iPhone and you use Solidworks, there's an app for that.

Open CASCADE is a geometry software kernel for 3D modeling applications. Jakob Nielsen applies the concept of powers of 10 to the user experience including the startling result that users can distinguish a web page's visual appeal in 1/20th of a second. From the "I can't remember why I bookmarked this" category, the NelsonQuick Group. If you use OpenFOAM, get your OpenFOAM Extensions.

We missed NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference but keynotes and other presentations are online. Secure your home with Schlage LiNK. Research wages by area and occupation at the Dept. of Labor. ISV Community is a network for people in the software industry and On Startups is for entrepreneurs. All the GTD information that's fit to blog: GTDtimes. Exa added Spatial's InterOp CAD translators to their products.

For those of you with no time to read, see 50 years of space exploration in a single picture. Symscape's October newsletter is out. Read how product managers can use Twitter. The FOAM Documentation Project has been shut down.

...can have what he will. --Benjamin Franklin

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