Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great is the person...

Proof #792 that innovation is not dead: Heinz's new dip and squeeze ketchup packet. Boeing has a special web site,, for their new aircraft include the 787 Dreamliner. If you prefer to fly solo, perhaps NASA's personal flying suit is more your style. OpenSG is open-source scenegraph software. More open source: MeshLab is software for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes (and they have a blog). Bricscad is the number one DWG CAD alternative.

EnSight CFD has a blog and so does Time Compression magazine (about rapid prototyping aka additive manufacturing). Using SolidWorks? Need to draw an airfoil? Then this guide is for you. Or instead of drawing them yourself, use this database of airfoil coordinates from UIUC. The Instigator blog offers their top 10 insight's from reading Inbound Marketing. Want to start over with mathematics?

Your weekly dose of CAE news:
  • Intelligent Light added DesignSpokes to their distributor network.
  • Parabon was awarded a NASA SBIR to run modeling and simulation codes from a web browser.
  • SpaceClaim announced a year-to-year sales increase of 235%.
  • Win an iPod touch in Flow Science's simulation contest.
  • PADT is offering Fluent UDF services.
Here's one man's scenario for how a global thermonuclear war would play out beginning in 1988. Learn to pick locks like a pro. Advanced Dynamics is a CFD consultancy. ARC3D is an interesting web service; you upload digital images and they return a 3D reconstruction of the scene in the photographs. Certify your virginity. The CADCAM blog from Australia's CADIT.

I need to get a Sobakawa cloud pillow for use with my Dreamie. You have a Dreamie too, right? Of course Google has their own programming language and it's called Go (and they think it'd be cool to call their debugger Ogle). Tyler Green blogs about contemporary and modern art. intrinSIM offers embeddable technologies for engineering applications.

Twitter has 75,000,000 accounts but only 15,000,000 (20%) actively and regularly post: more interesting social media stats here. If you enjoy militaria and are in Fort Worth plan a visit to the Military Museum of Fort Worth. Imagine reducing the impact of a 28 mph car crash to 5 mph; that's the promise of metal foam.

Express your pain and frustration the Star Wars way with Instant No. 38% of people use the internet several times a day and other interesting stats about the state of the internet.

Today's blog post brought to you by Motrin, Claritin, Sudafed, NyQuil, and Tylenol Cold, the syrupy slew sluggishly coursing through my veins.

...who has not lost their childlike heart. -- Meng-Tse

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