Saturday, February 13, 2010

Music is the arithmetic of sounds...

Without a doubt, the biggest news in my little world this week was the record setting snowfall here in Fort Worth: 12.5 inches (24 hour record) and 11.2 inches (single day record). It's supposed to be 54 and sunny this afternoon.

When in doubt, ask Capt. Pike. Here's a blog for your computer systems administrator. Next summer's great beach read is bound to be the Encyclopedia of Polyhedra. Consult the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette for advice on all manner of situations. But without looking, I am certain that they would advise against installing a Dropcam.

Nothing more needs to be written about Google Buzz.

Noupe presents CSS techniques they wish they new when they started creating web sites. Mashable interviewed NFL players Matthew Stafford (QB, Lions) and Darrelle Revis (CB, Jets) about the impact of social media on NFL players like themselves. Stafford comes across as clueless while Revis seemed much more in tune. Simulate More is MSC's blog.

Somehow it seems appropriate for me to be buried in a giant screw.

The weekly CAE news dump:
  • Renewable Energy Options Multiply with CFD Solutions, from Desktop Engineering
  • SolidWorks has a flow simulation blog.
  • CadFaster claims to be the fastest 3D CAD viewer.
  • CAD Exchanger helps with 3D data conversion.
  • T-Splines has a blog.
  • CEI released EnSight 9.1.
  • The Univ. of Maryland is now a CUDA Center of Excellence.
  • Lattice released updated their XVL converters for the latest CAD formats.
  • MSC launched a new business unit for simulation data management.
  • The 10th FLOW-3D European Users Conference will be held 19 May 2010 in Reims, France.
  • SGI announced Cyclone, on-demand, large-scale cloud computing service.
Next time you have to give a presentation, consider the assertion-evidence style. SculptCAD claims to be the leader in design and reverse engineering. Japanese style hot dogs? What do buyers want to see on your web site? Service description, industries served, and case studies are at the top of the survey results compiled by RainToday. optics is the geometry of light. --Claude Debussy

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