Saturday, February 27, 2010

Never hold discussions with the monkey...

Do you like Sheldon's shirts on Big Bang Theory? Now they can be yours. The Bacon Salt people have done it again: Baconnaise. All my Tangerine Dream is locked in vinyl. For the true beer geek: Arrogant Bastard bottles turned into drinking glasses. More sounds at your fingertips: Instant Chan.

Except for the headache and nausea I enjoyed Cloverfield, especially the creature. They say a sequel is in the works. Or maybe a prequel. Take a ride in the CarterCopter. Learn some conditional formatting in Excel. Google is now the second most valuable brand in the world. Guess who's number one.

Codeorgan lets you hear your web site. A lifetime membership in the International Banana Club is only $10. Do not click on this NSFW link. While not nearly as NSFW, Booty Pop Panties are equally stupid. Rabbits make up to 500 pellets a day and other not-so-interesting facts about poop. Crackerpacks is an online museum of firecracker packages. Or if you prefer, try this online museum of vintage calculators.

I don't recommend viewing this web site during air travel. Stress free computing: download NaDa today. When scientists search the web using Scirus they call it research. The definitive guide to styling web links. Design your own web page tiled backgrounds. And a list of 15 sites for web designers to use.

CAE News:
What do second graders think about their moms? (Why did God make mothers? Mostly to clean the house.) A NASA research study concluded that houseplants can clean our indoor air and of these 15 recommended plants I like English Ivy best for my office. Geometry Gym is a blog about structure design using Rhino3D.

Curling. Curling. Curling.
Khasmin is a CFD plug-in for Google SketchUp. The safest neighborhood in Fort Worth is Haslet where the odds of being a crime victim are 1 in 357. How'd your city do? Sitetuners is a blog about web site landing page optimization. A majority of bloggers spend 3 hours or less per week blogging and other facts about the blogosphere.

How to go from newbie to ninja with Twitter. Structured Information's blog provides this template for writing a technical white paper. This short film by Nate Bloch is simply funny. The five profitable positions in any marketplace. Which one are you?

...while the organ grinder is in the room. --Winston Churchill

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