Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friendship is like wetting your pants...

You have to see this video teaser for Lagoa Multiphysics.  Has the job market really sunk this low?  Newsweek quotes a recruiter as saying “It’s better to be average and good-looking than brilliant and unattractive.”  Where does that leave average and unattractive?

Transform any image into a patchwork quilt.  Or convert any picture into an ICO with ConvertIcon! If you are looking for 3D geometry in VRML format, here are a few archives: the VRML Object Supermarket, ShareCG and Hans.

Tom Clancy's new novel Dead or Alive features all your favorite characters and hits the bookshelves 07 Dec 2010.   Here's Josh Kaufman's excellent 10 point summary of Getting Things Done.  Know your apples (the fruit, not the computer).  If you need a new background for your computer, consider these Pokemon artworks.

A blog post about telling schmucks from superstars with a quiz turns into a help wanted ad.  (4. Your sense of satisfaction from software development is a function of how many users are delighted with what you've built.)

Warning!  Warning!  Do NOT click this link.  NSFW.  Offensive on levels too numerous to count.  You have been warned.

The first Solar & Wind Turbine e-zine is out and includes a good article about CFD for wind turbines.  The JT Open International Conference is going to be held 12-14 September 2010 in Orlando.  TransMagic R8 SP4 was released for CAD data translation including 64-bit support for large files.

With an unglamorous name like Air Tractor, you know this Texas-based company makes some good stuff like the AT-802U gunship.  Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptor kicked ass in its demo flight at the Farnborough Air Show.  And I hoped it stayed away from Raytheon's anti-aircraft (frickin') laser beam.  Here's a nice book about the Smithsonian's collection of spacesuits.

Texas A&M may stop providing free toilet paper in dorms.  Can you say "business opportunity"?  TP delivery service direct to your room!  Mobile TP van visits dorms daily!  This policy change made also lead to an increase in sales of emergency underpants.  In other college news, Syracuse University has a new distinguished professor and chair in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

When in Newcastle, WA be sure to get some chocolates from Sweet Decadence.  And I'm told that Tastebuds in Cleveland is awesome too.  Paul Fayreweather - I remember going to see him and his band perform around the Cleveland area when I was in high school and college.

The animated version of this spiral is groovy.

Need some color inspiration?  Get a random swatch from swatch spot.  Tired of Lorem Ipsum?  Use Fillerama to get dummy text based on Futurama.  I can name that font in 3 characters, or something like that using WhatTheFont! (That's two sites this week with bangs in their name.)

All you facial hair wannabes are now in luck: BeardWearFull screen weather from Weather Underground. (How can there be weather underground?)  We're number 1!  USA Women's football team is world champion, beating Austria 63-0.  Marc Andreesen's blog.  (You know, the Netscape guy.)

Hamon Research-Cotrell provides CFD modeling services. AEDC's hypervelocity wind tunnel #9 is back in operation.  More about DARPA's TX research program toward a flying car.  The CFDesign folks released their Upfront CFD Buyer's Guide.

I could get more excited about the periodic table of swearing if it didn't have such a strong British influence.  Arse?  C'mon.  Yes, and I know what "fanny" means to them.  On the other hand, the periodic table of irrational nonsense is guaranteed to offend lots of people.

Throw out your physics texbooks: the proton may be 4% smaller than previously thought.

A native Ohioan struggles with regional pronunciations including whether or not the "t" in often is silent.  (It is.)

This is what I call a bacon burger.  And here are 24 other unique hamburgers (#7 the Krispy Kreme burger).

Progressive rock, "one of the most ridiculed genres in music", is making a comeback.  On the other hand, Mark Gormley has never gone out of style.

...only you can feel the warmth.

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