Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our doubts are traitors...

Must-click link of the week: Isao Hashimoto's 1945-1998 is a map-based video illustrating all 2,503 nuclear detonations during the subject time period.  The work is a great intersection of history, data, and art. And while we're on the subject of nukes, here's the story of the U.S.'s detonation of a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific in 1962.

Isao Hashimoto's 1945-1998

If you're hot for fractals (Carolyn), here's Benoit Mandelbrot's TED talk.  New to fractals?  Review these space filling curves.  This is called "how engineers view women" but it's really how chemists view women.

This video is not remarkable because it provides more proof that innovation is alive, but because the kids using the Toilet Sniper are peeing blue!  Mom needs to get them to a urologist pronto.

Fujitsu's new CAD engine may indeed be better and faster that ours.  But something is probably getting lost in the translation when they say it's because they represent parts as mathematical expressions.  That's like saying your book's better because it's written with words.

At least one other person agrees with me that proper natural lighting is the key to experiencing Rothko's black paintings. (This one's for you, Chris.)

 Mark Rothko's No. 7.

Got a couple weeks to kill?  Do what this guy did and animate a Super Mario icon using only CSS.  Online tool to generate CSS grid layouts?  Great.  Overuse of "r" in the name?  Not so good.  gridr buildrrr.  Have a color and need to find lighter and darker variations of it including the hex codes?  Use 0to255.   Need icons?  Here's 99 free ones.

Let's play the new 3D, immersive space exploration game Moonbase Alpha.  No, not the cool retro 70s sci-fi TV show Space 1999's Moonbase Alpha.  NASA's Moonbase Alpha.  (Please tell me that NASA is not infringing on any trademarks or copyrights.)

All the buzz is about the cryptic text around the gold band of U.S. Cyber Command's logo, but has anyone noticed how the Pointwise globe is even more central?  Just sayin'.
  • Thinking about upgrading your FEA preprocessor? This video shows how to upgrade to Femap.
  • The open source pre- and postprocessing software SALOME v5.1.4 has been released.
  • New OpenCASCADE is coming later this year.  
  • freeFEM is available now.
  • Flow Science has released a new product: FLOW-3D ThermoSET, for simulating thermosetting resins.
  • Symscape's Windows patch for OpenFOAM 1.6.x now supports 64-bit and MPI.
  • Learn CFD the Cornell way with these learning modules for simple flows like nozzles, wedges, and airfoils. 
  • Hexagon acquired Intergraph for $2.1 billion. 
  • Enhanced CFD capabilities put AEDC on the cutting edge.  (This is not news.) 
  • NASA's Cart3D CFD software is now begin sold commercially by Desktop Aeronautics.
Bacon du jour: bacon turtles, bacon air freshener.  Or maybe you'd prefer excellent Mexican food:  El Taco H.

When in Orange, CA be sure to visit the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.   ACM's new student magazine, XRDS.  Iran bans the mullet.  How to build your own Beowulf cluster for less than $1,200.  Christmas is coming: magnetic putty would be a cool stocking stuffer.

Next time you have to give a presentation, keep in mind the TED Commandments.  (#8  Thou shalt remember all the while: Laughter is Good.)

Why distributed teams are less effective (and it involves shooting the shit not just heavy sighs while I stare into your eyes).  An interesting list of morning rituals for the healthy entrepreneur.   (#4 Go out and take in the sunlight.  What if the sun isn't up yet?)

How social media does (or doesn't) product leads.  Web site visitors from Twitter or Facebook are more likely to browse content rather than become a prospect through the use of a form.  To make matters worse, here's a matrix of the challenges faced by social technology.

The official web sites of voice actors Dick Hill, Frank Muller, and George Guidall.  How to write error messages.  Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line is available for free download.   Learn how people, places, and things are pronounced using inogolo.    How to read computer code. You can download Seth Godin's new e-book, What Matters Now, for free.

I used to build airplane models as a kid: all those kits from Revell, the smell of that glue and the paint, trying to get the decals off your fingers and onto the plastic.  My crowning achievement was a pretty nice B-17 but it pales in comparison to this Corsair.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the B-1 bomber.  While we're on the topic of big military aircraft, here's a tribute page to the XB-70, and here's the SR-71 online museum.  Ever since I finished reading Lockheed Blackbird, I've seen SR-71's everywhere.  The latest is this cockpit photo from Wired.

I am not typically into sculpture, but Brett Graham's Te Hokioi, a stealth fighter covered with Maori symbols, has a great tactile appeal to it.   It was sold to an art gallery for about $46,000.

In the wake of this week's U.S.-Russia spy-swap, here's a list of the top 10 traitors in U.S. history.  "Hanoi" Jane Fonda is #10 and the big three (Ames, Hanssen, and Walker) are included.

...and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt. --William Shakespeare

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