Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm in competition with myself...

In case you missed it, here is the most honest video on teh interwebs.

How did you feel the editorial the NYT ran for Comrade Putin?

You probably should've used some Poopourri before reading that.

Sam Francis, Basel Mural I, 1958. Image from HuffPo.
Sam Francis' paintings have always intrigued me. They remind me of a cross between Ad Reinhardt and Helen Frankenthaler. One of his Japanese influenced paintings, Untitled from Mako Series, 1967, is in the collection of The Modern here in Fort Worth. His current exhibition at the Pasadena Museum was nicely reviewed in the LA Times.


To ensure every child "wins", Ontario athletic association removes ball from soccer.

Someone ought to remove the balls from whomever came up with this glistening turd of an idea. PLEASE, someone tell me this is actually from The Onion.

This great photo of two F-117 Nighthawks is from a series by Code One Magazine celebrating Lockheed Martin Skunk Works' 70th anniversary.
Speaking of Skunk Works, legendary engineer Kelly Johnson lived by 14 rules and practices that served him quite well and would probably benefit many in industry today too. I like #10 regarding proposals; they should have "a specification section stating clearly which important military specification items will not knowingly be complied with and reasons therefore." In other words, being specific about what you're not going to do and why is a good thing.

How good is the internet connectivity where you live?

From the Things I Didn't Know You Could Hear department comes this 1972 interview with Moe Howard of Stooges fame.

The world's largest (only?) lunchbox museum.

Fix all your broken stuff with free guides from iFixit.

You can lose yourself for hours in Streamer, mapping rivers from source to outlet.
See slavery by county in this 1861 map.

Three phrases you probably won't ever see together again: China. Hello Kitty. Beer. While we're on that theme, how about this: Japan. Soft Serve. Beer foam.

Do you like to hear people talk about music? On Sid Smith's Postcards from the Yellow Room you'll hear stuff about Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp, Roy Powell and more.

The bad news: 3D printing is at the peak of the hype cycle. The good news, cloud computing is well over the hump.
Use 506 Sports to see which games will be on TV in your area.

Sometimes you're the rocket, sometimes you're the frog.
...and I'm losing. ~Roger Waters

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