Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let parents bequeath to their children not riches...

DFW is the nation's happiest "city." Houston is #2. Ya'll come down to Texas and git yer grin on.

Darla Records is letting you stream the album Touch Tone by I Am Robot And Proud Of It today and who knows how much longer. It's OK - electronica with a pop feel.

Despite being a bit convoluted, psychology research shows "that music heard during childhood, likely reflecting the tastes of previous generations, would make a lasting impression on children’s autobiographical memories, preferences and emotional responses." In other words, the music your parents listened to has a lasting effect on you.

Richard Diebenkorn, Berkeley #44, 1955. Read about Diebenkorn and the problems of modern painting in The Rectangular Canvas is Dead. (Warning tl;dr)
William Deresiewicz wrote some of my favorite stuff on American Scholar but unfortunately he's not writing for them anymore. Browse his collection of essays.

Monty Python fans: would you be more or less inclined to see The Holy Grail after seeing this modernized movie trailer?

B-2 fans: tune in to the Smithsonian Channel for B2: Stealth at War.

Star Wars fans and webmasters: someone remade the Star Wars opening credits entirely with HTML and CSS.

Outer space fans: check out this 360 degree video of the moon made from LRO imagery.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics (Vol. I) are now available online. Time to begin reading.

You'll never be surprised by an out of date condiment again now that you have the periodic table of condiments.

The Museum of Online Museums makes it easy to find all the quirkiness you want. For example, the International Toothpaste Museum and the Gallery of Vintage TV Print Ads.

Neat programming tricks.

Literally, a beer belly.

The German word kummerspeck literally translates as grief bacon and means weight gain from emotional overeating. Grief. Bacon.

An infographic that's remarkable for its lack of surprises. In this map of NFL pass completion (color) and pass frequency (size) I see a slight bias from right-handed QBs throwing screens to the left and another bias toward downfield passes to the right side of the field.
From the WSJ of all places comes Should You Bring Mom and Dad to the Office, creepily subtitled Employers Are Embracing the Involvement of Parents to Attract and Hold On to Talent. Let's first stipulate to the fact that bringing your parents on an office tour after you're hired is a good thing - it shows them where you're working and whom you're working with. And parents are, of course, a great source of advice when you're considering job offers. But let me be very explicit: There's no place for mommy and daddy at the office. NONE. If you bring them to a job interview, the interview will be over before it starts. The lack of self-respect required to bring your parents to a job interview or a salary negotiation is mind boggling. If you are so weak that you need your parents' direct involvement with your employer my advice is to go back to live in their basement, crawl under the bed covers, and turn out the lights.
Combine animation, typography, and black and white line art and you get these portraits of Warner Bros. characters comprised entirely of typographical characters.
Ze Frank is back with True Facts About The Frog.

This was inevitable. Sen. John McCain countered comrade Putin's NYT editorial with commentary of his own in

This also was inevitable: Putin on the Ritz.
...but the spirit of reverence. ~Plato

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