Saturday, September 28, 2013

What makes a fool is...

Here's a little peak at Twinscapes, the upcoming February 2014 album from bassists Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Metallic Taste of Blood) and Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth, Berserk).

Read about and see photos of dinosaur proto feathers in amber. Then never look at a chicken the same way again.

I know a guy who's a technical director at Dallas' Reel FX and who worked on Free Birds, a new animated, Thanksgiving themed flick coming this autumn to a movie palace near you. Watch the trailer then go see the movie.

Guys, when did you stop caring about your appearance? (Please, no one ask if I ever started.) Science tells us that dudes stop caring about their looks at age 46.

The 1961 Goldsboro Incident during which a B-52 disintegrated mid-air over North Carolina and in the process released its two 4 MT Mark-39 H-bombs made its way back into the headlines recently when The Guardian revealed supposedly new information that one of the devices came within a single electronic switch of detonating upon impact with the ground. Frankly, I didn't think this was news, having years ago read one account of all the safeties failing except one. For a good write-up of the incident read The final switch: Goldsboro, 1961 from Restricted Data, the nuclear secrecy blog.

How would you protect yourself from a 2,500 degree, 1,400 feet wide fireball? If you were an Apollo astronaut seeking shelter from a malfunctioning Saturn V, you'd take a 200 foot slide into the so-called rubber room, 40 feet beneath the launch pad. Great NASA history.

Schlitz is making a comeback. Schlitz.

Etsy seller Pretentious Beer Glass certainly has created a beautiful dual beer glass. (This is where I get blamed for aiding a certain reader's beer paraphernalia obsession.)
History of teh interwebs in horizontal scrolling timeline form. (The first browser, called WorldWideWeb, was developed in what year and on what type of computer?)

The average cost of a cable TV channel is 28 cents. One of the least expensive is MTV2 at 7 cents (apparently it doesn't cost much to hire the inbred white trash for their "reality" shows). But why is TNT one of the most expensive at $1.33? Are that many people watching reruns of Beastmaster 2?

Check out this video of the QF-16, an unmanned F-16 to be used for target practice.

Jet lag tip: don't eat for 12-16 hours before breakfast time in your new time zone. Then eat breakfast no matter where or when you are (i.e. even if it's 1am in mid-Pacific).

Denizens of Canadia: get ye to Triple O's, taste their poutine burger, and report thine opinion. (There is one obvious flaw in the photo of the burger. At a minimum, see if you can identify that.)

Beautiful and delicious: Fried Egg Font. Not photoshop, real honest frying. I especially like the inclusion of diacriticals. I'm too lazy to type them in HTML yet they fried them out of eggs. Incredible edible eggs.
Kinda like watching paint dry. Use this webcam to watch Texas A&M's Kyle Field be remodeled.

Which is different than watching birds poop. If we really wanted to latch on to technology hype we'd call it the 3D Poo Printer instead of just the Poo Printer. Regardless, an artist created an "exercise in social engineering" by manipulating finches to defecate the letters of the alphabet.

A British Cold Warrior, Ferguson Smith, has died at age 98.

The geographic center of Texas is just northwest of the town of Brady. How do I know this? Someone mapped the geographic centers of all 50 states.

Art and science collide in MRK's visualization of scientific theories.

Take a virtual stroll through Berlin's Stasi Museum (East German secret police).

Note the date 06 Sep 2013 for this is the date that Robert Fripp wrote: "The Seven-Headed Beast of Crim is in Go! mode." For those who don't speak Fripp, he is about to embark on the eighth version of the band King Crimson this time with seven players including three drummers (Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin, Pat Mastelotto), bassist Tony Levin, Mel Collins on sax, and guitarists Jakko Jakszyk and Fripp. Estimated time to album is one year.

This Civil War infographic from 1897 rivals Minard's graphic of Napoleon's Russian defeat of 1812.
Profit has been demonized. Profit is not a 4-letter word.

Shit, however, is a 4-letter word and is used in the book title Holy Shit: A Brief History of Swearing. (It seems like one of these swearing books comes out every year.)

If you like physics and the music of Queen give this a shot: Bohemian Gravity.

Any Spy vs. Spy fans out there from back in the day in MAD Magazine?

Google is now encrypting search meaning that if you have a website and are interested in knowing what terms people type in to Google to find your site you are now out of luck. Speculation says that Google did this to drive more people to be paid advertisers (who get the unencrypted results) or to foil spying by nefarious three-letter government agencies. Regardless, SEO is going to have to change.

The periodic table is an anal-retentive scientist's wet dream. So it behooves us (me?) to know its origins and thank Mendeleev (and Meyer too). Ask yourself, what is the only letter not used in an element's symbol on the periodic table. Then look here.

Fans of vintage radio will love this full-day recording from 1939 of a Washington, DC radio station. I like listening to the music.

Betabrand created a synthetic fleece so soft they call it Vagisoft. Unfortunately, the Vagisoft blanket is currently out of stock. If this fleece is truly that soft I'd make a hat.

 photo jiggly-butt-pudding_zpse41ae6d8.gif
Excuse me, but is your dessert twerking? jiggly butt pudding.

Normally I would link to this article only because of the selection of words in its title. Like this: Beaver. Anal. Secretions. But wait - there's more. These secretions include a compound called castoreum which is used. As vanilla-like flavoring. In food. That you eat. With your mouth. Poo hole secretions in your pie hole. You'll never look at a beaver the same way again. inability to take even his own good advice. ~William Faulkner, Light in August

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