Saturday, July 5, 2014

Depression is the inability...

King Crimson has been around for a long time and has produced a lot of music. So picking the 13 best King Crimson songs is not an easy task. But Prog Sphere tried anyway. (I really like #13 Elektrik.) Speaking of KC, you can get a taste of the rehearsals of the latest incarnation from DGM Live, a raw snippet of a tune called Venturing Unto Joy Pt 1.

Music for Real Airports is a homage of sorts to Eno's classic Music for Airports.

How can you listen to music without hearing it? Checkout the Sonos CyFi Lab.

I have never used an "out of office" auto-reply on my email and that in itself may be more disturbing than these examples of witty auto-replies.

Shape magazine thinks that Fort Worth's Water Gardens (made famous by the film Logan's Run) is the 44th best free date site in the country.

Conflicted? This beautiful photo is of an 8.9 megaton nuclear test detonation from 1958 - Operation Hardtack, Shot Oak - source
Where's it easy and where's it hard to live in the U.S? Explore this interactive, county by county map that ranks the entire country. For North Texas folks here's a surprise: Tarrant county is ranked 680 of 3,135 (1 being easiest) but Colin county is ranked #22. Why does this surprise me?

This map-based website animates in real-time cyber attacks around the world. (Chrome only)

More geography fun: Smarty Pins is a Google maps game where you have to pin places throughout the world based on clues and you keep playing until you run out of points. (You lose points based on how far off you were in your pin placement.) My first attempt got me a score of 14.

Did you know a putter is someone who makes scissors? More craft pr0n for ya.

Former Disney animator Glen Keane said that he was going to do something with CGI that was much more like hand-drawn animation. An early look at the result is Duet, something he did collaboratively with/for Google.

The Atlantic has a very large, online, multi-part photo essay on World War I. construct a future. ~Rollo May


Francis Shivone said...

The putter vimeo was outstanding.

And thanks for the Atlantic link with the photos. Since the anniversary I have been trying to learn more about it.

John said...

Glad to have you as a reader.