Saturday, July 12, 2014

The purpose of life is to be defeated...

I'm still streaming (from Rdio) Black Dog's 2010 album Music For Real Airports and mentally comparing it to Eno's classic Music for Airports.

You've probably heard that Pink Floyd will release a new studio album this October. Here are 10 facts about The Endless River.

Must watch video of the week: Box was awarded Best in Show at SIGGRAPH's 2014 Animation Film Festival and it's easy to see why. For me it brings together so many things I like: computer graphics, geometric animation, black & white animation, interaction - even the soundtrack fits perfectly. See the other award winners at Cartoon Brew.

Cold War fan boys are all giddy now that the Mitrokhin Archive, twelve years worth of transcribed KGB-insider notes smuggled out of the collapsing USSR in 1992, are now being made available for public review.

Urban archeologists who specialize in Cold War sites, such as this Atlas missile access tunnel at Vandenberg AFB, are profiled in this photo essay. This reminds me that my high school friends and I used to explore an old Nike Missile Base which was known as the "Nike site."
I was caught off-guard by this list of the 10 best (progressive rock) albums of 2014 so far. Not by the inclusion of Stick Men's Power Play but by the inclusion of Toto's Live in Poland.

Webcam voyeurs: explore the ocean with Nautilus Live.

Kane's burial shroud from Alien is just one of 253 behind the scenes photos collected in one imgur archive.
Video essay about what it's like to be the official photographer of the USAF Thunderbirds.

Buzz Aldrin wants everyone to share their recollections of the Apollo 11 lunar landing online using the #Apollo45 hashtag as part of the July 20th celebration of the 45th anniversary of event.

Remember how we used to stereotype millennials by making them all out to be simply misunderstood go-getters? Now we can stereotype them as cutthroat careerists.

Classic paintings meet pop music lyrics
OK all you craft beer nerds, I hope you have a good sense of humor. Triumph visits the American Craft Beer Festival.

MRI scans show what parts of the brain are involved in pissing. The fallacy (phallicy?) in this science is the assumption that the brain has any control at all over the penis. greater and greater things. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

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