Saturday, July 19, 2014

No man is clever enough...

Sing along with the oldest song in the world (3,400 years old to be more precise). Then listen to music made from raindrops.

Kazimir Malevich’s Black and White. Suprematist Composition (1915) will be part of Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society, 1915-2015 at London's Whitechapel Gallery. (Hoping to get a reaction from my friend Chris.)
Write like a spook by following the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence Style Manual & Writer's Guide.

Weird Al takes poor grammarians to task with Word Crimes.

Something you probably don't care about: Dreamworks' new Apollo platform for CG animation which debuted with How to Train Your Dragon 2.

The number of bowling centers in the U.S. has dropped 25% since 1998. Texas is near the bottom of the rankings of bowling centers per capita while Wisconsin is #2 at about 5x Texas' rate.

You've probably already seen on Facebook but here it is again anyway.
Someone has gone to the trouble of charting the optimal pairs of underwear to take on a trip based on number of days and number of times you want to do laundry.

For the novice software developer, here are 20 free ebooks for programmers.

For the reading enthusiast, here's one man's top 100 American novels listed in order of publication. Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! made his top 10.

If you're thinking about writing a novel yourself, check out the 7 reasons not to write and the 1 reason to write. #6 Writing novels does not flatter the ego, even momentarily. 

Was 100 too many? How about 66 factoids about the English language? #31 Oysterhood means "an overwhelming desire to stay at home." Hmm.
Love it when two separate interests come together and this time it's aviation and art. This B-24D with a polka dot paint scheme was used as a lead assembly aircraft with which all other bombers in a mission would form up prior to heading across the English Channel. See the book Polka Dot Warriors. The art? Damien Hirst's spot paintings.
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Science probes the top issues of our day: what happens to your tush when you sit? Now in 3D!

All this time I've been trying to cure cancer. know all the evil he does. ~Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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