Saturday, August 30, 2014

Only the guy who isn't rowing...

Automata: this movie looks good. (And hopefully it's not just a Blade Runner derivative.)

Robert Irwin, All That Jazz, 2011
(lest anyone think that Dan Flavin is the only artist working in this medium). source
I've been eating sushi wrong. If you fear the same, check out How to Eat Sushi (worth watching). Be sure to catch the joke about not shaking soy sauce off your sashimi (alliteration unintentional).

You might think I'm posting the video Rhapsody of Steel because it's in the craft pr0n category. But I'm not. This film from 1959, entirely animated, includes the work of animation legends Eyvind Earle and Maurice Noble.

But this really is craft pr0n: ceramics masters.

 photo hexwave_zps2d5b6d22.gif
Git yer GIF on with these hypnotizing animations.

Reading this article about a hidden Cold War bunker in the Brooklyn Bridge makes me wonder how many of these are scattered across the country and lost to time.

Is it too early to start planning for the 2017 total solar eclipse that will be perfectly visible across most of the United States?

For each state, find out where its residents were born. (61% of current Texas residents were born here versus 25% for Nevada and 79% for Louisiana.)

The United Sweets of America shows each state's signature dessert item. Texas', not surprisingly, is pecan pie. (Pronounced pah-cahn not pee-can.)
Something sounds fishy, like someone has an agenda, when you call a map that displays demographics like race and income a "justice map."

The average tooth fairy payout is $3.40? Since when did teeth become subject to inflation? What's wrong with a dollar? Better yet, a nice dollar coin? I used to get dimes - Mercury dimes.

Mine was the last class in my high school (class of 1980) required to learn how to use a slide rule in science class. Still have one in my desk at work. (Perhaps not coincidentally, mine was also the first class to learn to program a computer - BASIC on a Wang 3300.) Anyway, here's the International Slide Rule Museum.

If sliced in half, do not let your liver fall out. source
Time to laugh along with Ze Frank: True Facts about Marsupials.

Time to be scared? Humans Need Not Apply. Too fanciful? Read how software found influences in paintings that art historians hadn't.

This could either be the greatest thing ever or an intestinal nightmare. Now available for purchase at Green Bay Packers games is the Horse Collar, a 22 inch kielbasa with beer cheese, fried sauerkraut and a bun.   
...has time to rock the boat. ~Jean Paul Satre

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