Friday, August 1, 2014

The Joys of Air Travel

How much fun is air travel?

Airlines added baggage fees. Travelers don't want to pay baggage fees. Travelers carry-on their baggage. End result? Steerage class on the Titanic was probably less cluttered and territorial.

Airlines now charge for "food." Travelers don't want to pay for that "food." Travelers bring food onto the plane. End result? The aircraft cabin smells like a Taco Bell dumpster at an August high-noon.

Travelers like their electronic devices. Travelers personalize them with all sorts of sounds. End result? The aircraft cabin sounds like an Akihabara pachinko hall on payday.

Yes, I ride in the back as a matter of practice. And that's why the perks I love the most from my frequent flier plan are the upgrades.

Now, if I could only earn some.

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