Saturday, August 23, 2014

To find fault is easy...

Kent Nguyen wrote an article about burnout that includes a list of symptoms that I could've written myself. His conclusion, drawing from Marissa Mayer's thoughts, is that burnout is a result of not being able to regularly do the thing that's most important to you. (Marissa wrote that burnout is a resentment for the things you're giving up.)

Here's Kent's list of symptoms, copied and pasted directly:

  • A generally negative attitude, often paired with the feeling that nothing is going to work out.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • General apathy towards your work, chores, and other tasks.
  • Feelings of stagnation.
  • A lack of interest in social activities and being with others.
  • Difficulty with healthy habits like exercise, diet, and regular sleep.
  • Feeling like you’re never doing enough.
  • Neglecting your own needs (and putting the needs of others ahead of your own).
  • Personal values and beliefs lose their importance.
  • Short temper.
  • Constant exhaustion.
  • Feelings of inefficacy.
  • Feelings of detachment from people and things you care about.
  • Frequent boredom.
  • Psychosomatic complaints, such as headaches, lingering colds, and other issues with a cause that’s difficult to identify.
  • The denial of these.

Whether Kent's tips for preventing burnout will work remains to be seen.

Franz Kline, Monitor, 1956
And now for some music.

Genesis announced the late September release of R-Kive, a 3 CD "best of" set including solo work.

Darla Records announced the October release of Memory and Matter: Selected Remixes, Rarities  and Unreleased Tracks by Manual (Jonas Munk). (You have to go to upcoming releases and scroll down the page to read about it.) Or you can just listen to a preview on YouTube. do better may be difficult. ~Plutarch

[23 Aug 2014: Amended]

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