Saturday, May 30, 2015

It is only through fiction that facts...

The most important social network for sales prospecting is... Twitter. (You thought it was LinkedIn, right?)

Restoration of a Spitfire. The story of ILM.

Should you eat the rind on cheese?

What's the sound of one atom pinging? Hear what a single atom sounds like.

You may have heard me struggle to find the appropriate superlatives to describe a dining experience I had in Kyoto several years ago. Well, I'm pretty certain it was Kaiseki, and a very high level version thereof.

Stick Men with David Cross have a pair of live albums coming out: Midori - Live in Tokyo - First Show and Second Show. You can stream a couple tracks online to check them out and then place your pre-order.

ICYMI, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) announced Mark Rothko: A Retrospective opening on 20 Sep 2015 and running through 24 Jan 2016. Definitely worth a road trip.

Mark Rothko, No. 5, 1958
Everyone knows that Snowden gave a TED talk. But do you know the NSA was invited to respond and did? Here's the top civilian at the NSA, Richard Ledgett.

What kinds of things might you learn at Harvard Business School? A student shares one nugget from each course. For example, from Leadership and Organizational Behavior comes this "Know your worst self."

I wonder if HBS teaches this: the desire for perfection is rooted in inadequacy.
The periodic table of the elements illustrated by how the element is used.
Interesting: Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows.

I don't know why I keep pandering to Star Wars geeks but: 100 color behind the scenes photos.

This self-contradicting movie gossip about Prometheus 2 reads like it was generated by a computer algorithm that scanned teh interwebs for rumors and wove them (poorly) into an article.

And as an even more chagrining example "news" writing that sucks ass is Marketwatch's designation of the DFW area as the nation's friendliest area for business. The headline says Dallas but the photo at the top of the page is from Fort Worth. The stated rationale for making the designation is so fuzzy that the same could be said for Omaha or Topeka. And the writer's triumphant declaration is that DFW is the most business-friendly metro area "for 2014." From an article dated 22 May 2015. Whatever. We'll take the recognition. At least we're not LA.

According to Foursquare (is that even still a thing?) Texas craves breakfast tacos and Ohio craves pierogies. See the rest here
But wouldn't you really have a hot dog?

More maps? OK, where were the citizens of each state born?

So Facebook has a "little red book" they give employees with their company story including "If we don't create the thing that kills Facebook, someone else will."

Excited about geometry? Play Euclid: The Game.

I can't figure out what Finding Home is all about.

Best video on teh interwebs this week: Tender.

...can be made instructive or even intelligible. ~George Bernard Shaw

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