Saturday, May 23, 2015

Without education we are in a horrible and deadly danger...

Green Eggs and Ham is being developed into an animated TV series for Netflix. This feels bad to me.

Underrated Texas wineries. See Hawk's Shadow.

This is one of the best photos of Jackson Pollock's Mural I've seen since it was restored. The painting is on display in Venice. "an explosive work in which you can feel history shifting gears."
After spending a day last week listening to Edward Tufte, I'm wondering what he'd think of Guy Kawasaki's ten tips to rock your pitch, especially these two: 4 bullet points and no more than 25 words per slide. Also, Guy seems to love "the build" where each bullet point is revealed one at a time.

If those sins might piss off Tufte, here are things that will piss off advertising icon David Ogilvy. #3 Write copy that lacks charm.

I am not familiar with writing teaching William Zinsser or why he's legendary. But of his 10 writing tips, I like #4. Write in the first person: “Writing is an intimate transaction between two people, conducted on paper, and it will go well to the extent that it retains its humanity.”

Minimal maps. Maps of where you can buy a sandwich.

The last image transmitted by NASA's Messenger spacecraft before it crashed into Mercury's surface after orbiting the planet for quite some time. Image is about 1 kilometer across, 2.1 meters/pixel.
More astro geekage you say? Try this: what do the planets sound like?

Hold on to your light sabers you Star Wars geeks: a video compilation of the sounds of Star Wars, the Carbonite Maneuver (a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover), and a spoof of the upcoming 7th film's trailer with your favorite, Jar Jar. And the ILM Story as told in WIRED magazine.

I'm listening to a CD of his as I write this but you can stream Harold Budd's music from Soundcloud.

Fly with the Blue Angels.

The most remarkable dinosaur find in the past two decades: Chilesauros. And it seems like every other day they're finding a new state of matter: Jahn-Teller metals. They're an insulator, a conductor, a metal, a magnet, a floor wax, a dessert topping.

Painting with black. From Fludd (1617) to Carravagio (1606) to Malevich (1915) to Reinhardt (1966), why is a color so achromatic also so rich? See also the reference to Rosenthal's Black Paintings that I wrote about here.

Robert Fludd, Et Sic In Infinitum, 1617
Did you know you can download your Google search history? You'll need a JSON viewer to see the results. And a good sense of "be careful what you ask for." Because back in 2008 I searched for "shoot partridge in eye."

Books that literally all white men own is literally false. (Headline would've been better without "literally.") Of the 79 books listed and taking a very liberal approach (books I either own, have read, or seen the movie) I came up with 19.

The falling waffle may be the best video on teh interwebs but it now has a challenger: Ham Goes Up an Escalator.

More craft pr0n, this time book repair. Not enough? Here's a master woodturner.

Only for hard core Disney people: brief video about penny press machines. (Or as I call them, fifty-ones because they take 51 cents.)

For hybrid Disney/Beer geeks: printable Disney beer labels.

During the Cold War, the first and only Safeguard Complex for ICBM detection was online for only 24 hours before being shutdown.
No shit: this is al Qaeda's job application.

Lots of toys this week.

You fractal lovers will enjoy Web Mandelbrot.

Send (virtually) a loved one a wildflower.

The shit museum.

100,000 stars

Playing the piano has never been easier than with Touch Pianist. How about Type Drummer?

Game time: Kuku Kube. Find the kube with the different color. I scored 28. (This game is a great demonstration of one of Josef Albers' principles of color which is white space activation. See, games can always help you learn something.)

...of taking educated people seriously. ~G.K. Chesterton

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