Saturday, February 13, 2016

Educating the mind without educating the heart is...

The National Video Game Museum opens 02 April in Frisco, Texas. On a related note, the Internet Archive now hosts the online Malware Museum.

I can't get this song out of my head so here it is for you. An acapella medley of Disney tunes featuring Pentatonix' Kirstin Maldonado (who's from Arlington, Texas).

Fort Worth's Benito's makes this list of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in Texas.

The states ranked by artsy-ness. Uh oh, Texas.
Terminal State remixed KOMARA's Dirty Smelly.

How would you like to 3D print your favorite music? Check out solid vibration.

The compact disc, CD. That's still how I buy my music. And when I'm forced to buy an album via download only, I immediately burn it to CD. Even Rolling Stone wonders why we're in a hurry to get rid of the CD.

And therefore Disney's box set of Silly Symphony soundtracks, while interesting to me, won't get bought because it's only available on vinyl or download. Really?

Why music? Peter Gabriel says it stocks our emotional toolbox with which "neglected parts of our personalities can be rediscovered and reconciled."

I know a total of ONE person who'll likely be interested in this database of Fairlight sounds.

Silence? There's no such thing. John Cage and what it means to listen.

Mom told you to never look at the sun. But I dare you to turn away from this gorgeous high-resolution time-lapse video of the sun.
80% of survey respondents would take extra perks over a raise. If this list is indicative of the kind of perks that make a difference, I'm saddened because most are lame, some are stunts, and others are the kind of things only a Google can afford.

Take a test and find out whether you're left or right-brained.

Did I link to this already? Have your beer brewed by a robot with BrewBot.

I almost peed my pants watching Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interview college students about political correctness. "frat boys = rapist americans." The funniest part is the level of discomfort displayed by the students who are either great actors or had no idea what they were in for.

And here's John Cleese telling us how we can't have both comedy and political correctness.  "If people can't control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people's behavior."

With film award season upon us, I've been seeing a lot about the nominees in animation. The Annie Awards for 2015 awarded Ed, a film about figure models, with Best Student Film of 2015. The rest of the Annie winners (including Pixar, Pixar, Pixar) can be found here.

Robert Motherwell, Face of the Night (for Octavio Paz). Currently at The Modern in Fort Worth. education at all. ~Aristotle


Joel Mayer said...

You may be correct (only 1). I tried to double your estimate...

All those who's beer is an AB/InBev/MillerCoors secreation are drinking BrewBot beer, albeit in a ridiculously ginormous scale.

Almost hard to find a solid CD shop these days. "Gone to Tower Records in my mind." ~some guy with a guitar and a stool

John said...

CD shop? Don't CDs come from Amazon?

Unknown said...

They picked Joe T. Garcia’s (Fort Worth) for best tex-mex!???

This choice makes me doubt the other choices. However, Benitos (Fort Worth) IS a good one.

John said...

I was having a similar convo w someone earlier in the week about Joe T's. It's good for atmosphere and margaritas, but the food is average.

Francis Shivone said...

I have always liked Benitos. At one time their pulled pork tacos were as good as you could get.

Joe T.'s I have never gotten.

La Fonda on Main in San Antonio is very good and has more authentic Mexican cuisine than your average DFW restaurant.

John said...

Joe T's is about the atmosphere, the Magaritas, and proximity to the Stockyards. Benito's is about the food. I enjoy their pico most of all (when it's not inedibly hot).