Saturday, February 6, 2016

If I cannot do great things...


Norman Lewis, Crossing, 1948. source

The 10 worst kinds of software developers. Do you recognize anyone? #6 The Protester (i.e. "Not my problem.") Bonus: how to decipher a job ad for a programmer. For example, "self starter" means "we have no process."

I'm a fan of Red Bull Air Racing so this video, 8 Disciplines of Flight Converge over Moab, is very cool.

Two of my faves come together in H.R. Giger's Mario.

Learn how this photo of the "elephant's foot" beneath Chernobyl was taken, forgotten, and found.
HBO is broadcasting the 7.5 hour Godfather Epic, a super-cut of Godfather I, Godfather II, and previously unreleased scenes. Now's your chance to see these great films in a totally unique way.

First, this guy has pledged to draw one butt per day at Second, I didn't know .lol was available as a top level domain.

Know yer Star Wars vehicles.

Know yer beards. Dirty or germ fighting?

Know yer Excel. More specifically, learn these Excel tricks. #7 Forecasting (I had no idea Excel could do this.)

The Washington Post lists six technologies that will define 2016. #4 is virtual reality and holodecks. Uh, no. Can you say "3D TV?"

The Egg McMuffin is pretty darn good. But what if you could make a better one at home?
Paramount released a trailer for a J.J. Abrams film called 10 Cloverfield Lane. Is this or is this not related to Abrams' Cloverfield (which I enjoyed)?

Did you know American Airlines has an online tool for tracking your checked baggage?

The animated Bugs Bunny film What's Opera Doc? is consistently ranked as one of the greatest of all time (and rightfully so). Enjoy this documentary about its making, Wagnerian Rabbit.

Of the Oscar-nominations for best animated short film, World of Tomorrow looks fantastic.


...I can do small things in a great way. ~Martin Luther King


Francis Shivone said...

I bought an Egg McMuffin a few weeks ago because I had heard that they went back to a toasted English muffin and and a real cooked egg. It was very good considering the cost.

I make a toasted bagel, egg, ham or bacon, and cheese "Egg Mcmuffin" for my kids/grandkids that is good if I might boast a little.

The old bagel. steak, fried onions and egg sandwich that McDonalds used to sell on the East Coast was my favorite fast food sandwich ever.

Francis Shivone said...

"Donut-ness" I like the explanations for that alone.

John said...

Egg McMuffins are virtually the only items I buy at McDonalds. And I buy them 2 at a time (down from when I bought them 3 at a time.)

Coincidentally, just last night we had breakfast for dinner featuring a mcmuffin-like sandwich.