Saturday, February 20, 2016

Words ought to be a little wild because...

J.Peter Schwalm's new album,  The Beauty of Disaster can be pre-ordered from Rare Noise Records. Previews available. I highly recommend.

Called the most popular physics book ever written, the complete Feynman Lectures are now online in glorious HTML 5: Volumes 1, 2, and 3.

Use EagleCam to watch an eagle's nest at the mother tends to her eggs.

Visualizing Painter's Lives is wonderful.
The Van Gogh Museum has posted online high-resolution images of the master's works so you can zoom in to your heart's content.

Industrial designer Dieter Rams authored 10 principles of good design. The first, good design is innovative, strikes me as odd. Both because it's first and because I'm not certain I agree.

And then there are Disney's 12 principles of animation as applied to UI design.

This list of trends for 2016 strikes me as kinda silly, expect #6 Cybersecurity.

And an even weaker list of strategies for the year of the monkey.

Forbes' trends for 2016 also includes cybersecurity but predicts everything will be uberized, "businesses will follow consumers into the sharing economy."

Track app usage in real-time.

Philosophy Explained
A bunch of photos and Cyrillic text that I believe is from a Russian rocket museum and some of the displayed articles are nukes.

The worst kept nuclear secret, the U.S. stored nukes on Okinawa.

Engineering a better bra. Bonus: follow the link to the video about what it's like to have breasts.

Where to have a beer in Cleveland.

Where to be safe? Colleyville, Texas.

I think ASCIIFlow Infinity lets you draw flowcharts. (What's next? An online tool for making punch cards?)

...they are an assault on the thoughts of the unthinking. ~John Maynard Keynes

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