Saturday, December 19, 2009

The cleverest of all...

Just in time for the holiday, here's Everyting You Ever Wanted to Know About Christmas. Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea inspired many visions of what Captain Nemo's submarine looked like; here's a catalog of several dozen Nautilus designs. Use Yelp to find out what people thing of businesses in Fort Worth.

When on Long Island, be sure to dine at Stresa Italian Restaurant. I guess South Butt's logo hits too close to home and that's why they're being sued. Genesis is a 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Now Hare This is the blog of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Here's the blog for SU Alumni Reps.

Let's talk CAE.
  • EasyCFD_G is 2D CFD software for boundary-fitted grids.
  • CFDesign achieves 4-5.5 times speed-up on computer clusters.
  • ESI Group's software license sales are down 5.7% this quarter relative to last year.
  • Siemens PLM's JT file format accepted by ISO.
  • Mindware was acquired by ESI Group. (old news)
  • Exa uses Spatial's InterOp for CAD interoperability.
  • TransMagic's 64-bit support improves performance for huge files.
  • CT CoreTechnologie is the leading provider of CAD conversion software.
  • COFES' keynote speakers were announced.
Will inbound marketing truly be the top marketing trend in 2010? TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Make your presentations and other documents available online with SlideShare. Find out what people are saying about you with BackType. Need a name or a tag line? Try this generator. OnStartups answers the question "how do I make Google Analytics actionable?" Read all about the fable of user-centered design.

Reason #1,649 that innovation is not dead: the Razorba. (But the photo of Rachel Ray on the site is creepy cuz it makes me think she's a satisfied customer.) the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month. --Fyodor Dostoevsky


Jim said...

I can never look at Rachel Ray again without wondering...

John said...

See? It is a freaky juxtaposition.