Saturday, December 12, 2009

Les sons et les parfums...

Let's begin by opening our wallets for the world's ten most expensive foods, of which I have had the pleasure of only one: Wagyu beef, specifically Kobe. If you're a fan of design, you might enjoy how a student at the Royal College of Arts redesigned the UK's electrical plug.

Yes, this article is fully of fancy pants math words, but these researchers have achieved a new high in packing tetrahedra, 4-sided triangular pyramids, into a volume: 78.2% full. For those of you more visually minded, here's a pretty picture of Platonic and Archimedean solids. I bet everyone wishes this blog could be remarkable.

All the CAE news that's fit to slap into a blog as bullets:No one is surprised anymore when you say Google has a blank, in this case a dictionary. Here's something I can't wait to try: call Steak-Out and have my steak delivered. Here's a cool panoramic photo of Stonehenge taken from the center of the formation where no tourists dare trod. Official web site of the Manchester-based duo, Marconi Union.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art seems to have a nice collection of abstract expressionist works including paintings by Barnett Newman, Rothko, de Kooning, and Pollock just to name a few. A visit is in order. Do not let your children look at this web site full of Sketchy Santas. Speaking of Xmas, say hello to my little friend: the world's smallest snowman only at 0.01 mm wide.

is dashboard software for managing your business. The average American consumes 34 GB of information daily. 3Dconnexion makes 3d mice, devices for your left hand to pan, zoom, and rotate images on your screen. If you want to make some buttons for your web site, I suggest the generator from Cool Text.

If you thought tet packing was the end of this week's math stuff, think again. Here's how an engineer, not a mathematician, visualizes prime numbers. The sky is blue, bears crap in the woods, and men prefer bacon to babies. Learn the seven psychological principles that con artists exploit.

Interesting. Jing seems to be a free version of Tech Smith's Camtasia Studio. Unfortunately, my video production skills are so poor I would probably win Infosthetics' ugly infographic contest. The Buckeye Bullet is Ohio State's attempt at setting a land speed record for a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle.

Are sales people different from you and me? Yes, cuz they will convince you to buy this hovercraft. I don't like scotch, so why did I bookmark the web site of the Fort Worth Scotch Appreciation Society? However, I do recall why I bookmarked Grace's web site: everyone says the food there is great.

How to compute your viral coefficient and other viral marketing lessons. Mapping the geography of Wikipedia content. Seems that the Air Force has a cool new toy: the RQ-170 stealth UAV designed by those geniuses at Lockeed Martin's Skunk Works.

...tournent dans l'air du soir.
-- Charles Baudelaire

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