Saturday, December 5, 2009

To steal from one person is plagarism...

Never lose track of the Wienermobile again. Watch the orbits of the planets with this fully interactive solar system. Why take PhD classes in CFD when you can read about them all online: 2007, 2008, 2009. Reread for the first time Eric Raymond's thoughts on how to build better software systems in his classic work The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

Brian's take on PR 2.0. Shaun's thoughts on software engineering and product management. Sweetie Pie's does for steak what Babe's does for chicken - make it awesome! Official web site of (ex-Hackett) keyboardist Nick Magnus. claims to be a CAE web portal, but the last posting was in July.

The CAE news you've been waiting for...
They say this plush T-Rex is adorable and fuzzy and wants only to cuddle and maybe nibble on your nose. Be a Santa's Helper. Here's a great collection of vintage ammunition packages. The blueprints database. A pearltree is a visualization tool for viewing your web content as a network graph. Mashable offers these 8 tips for managing your LinkedIn group. steal from many is research. - Steven Wright

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